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Check these 3 points when purchasing Simarine:

  • INTEGRATION - if you want to integrate with third party systems like "Redarc", "Projecta" or "Enerdrive", then read our eBook below on a simple way to do this.
  • EXPANSION - If you want to run a 2000W Inverter, its easy to add a dedicated shunt. There is no need to use an "overall shunt" for the batteries. If you want to add an inclinometer for pitch and roll anges (roof top tent users love this feature), then its easy to add the digital version in less than a minute and press the calibration button.
  • DIY - It is easy to install yourself. Once you purchase from us, we send an installation manual which has a step by step video on comissioning.

SAFIERY has this unique service for Simarine buyers:

  • WIRING TEMPLATES FOR POPULAR SYSTEMS- Wiring Diagram templates to follow..
  • WIDE RANGE OF COMPATIBLE SENSORS - From tank levels to noise level sensors for mining cabins, we have over 40 sensors compatible with Simarine.
  • FOOL PROOF COMMISSIONING - Easy to install. Easy to follow our video on commissioning.

Once your buy, the ebook on the right is available to you



SIMARINE is a complete monitoring system for batteries, current flows, tanks, temperature, pitch and roll angles, and environment. It is made up of a PICO display and input gathering modules and shunts.

The PICO offers you a complete monitoring system for your 12/24 volt battery. With many connectivity options and ease of use, this device provides you with a simple overview of all important details regarding your battery (voltage, current, amp hours, battery capacity in%, battery temperature) and also regarding tank levels and temperatures. Equipped with a 3.5" LCD TFT screen, high-resolution IPS technology with high brightness, optimal color reproduction, wide viewing angles and a virtually indestructible Gorilla glass with anti-reflection coating, the PICO Blue is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Thanks to special capacitive CapSense® touch buttons, you can easily operate your PICO even with wet fingers. You can also monitor individual loads (refrigerators) or generators (wind generator) via a 4-fold measuring shunt either 4 x 25A or 4 x 50A.

Maximum monitoring capability: 6 x battery banks with "Real-Time Battery Health ™" (monitors current, voltage and temperature), 6 x battery voltages, 14 tank levels or voltage sensors, 14 environment levels like CO2 or cabin pressure, 10 temperatures, 24 individual consumer currents or generators, one inclinometer sensor with pitch and roll readings. The PICO also has a barograph display that determines and displays precise information regarding air pressure and the current trend.

PICO’s display unit is made of a sleek anodized aluminum casing and a thick Gorilla® Glass with Anti-Reflective coating protecting the optically bonded high-contrast 3.5 inch IPS LCD display. It’s water and dust proof and can be mounted both indoors and outdoors. The screen brightness is automatically adjusted with a light sensor. The device is operated by four water tolerant CapSense® touch buttons. The (optional) barograph gives precise air-pressure readings, trends, and history.

Free SIMARINE Android and iOS Apps are available to connect your PICO to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. The Apps allow you to monitor all battery and tank data, upload history, edit and restore settings and even upgrade the firmware with new features.

General specification:

Display: LCD TFT 3,5” High resolution IPS, Gorilla Glass, anti-reflective coating
Human interface: 4 Touch buttons, water resistant
Enclosure: CNC-milled anodized aluminum, water- and dustproof
Dimensions: HxWxD 98 x 83 x 10 mm

Make your battery visible.
Pico ensures precise measurement of voltage, current, and temperature of your battery, gives you an accurate status regarding your battery's condition, health and many other useful details.


Read your

  • Battery charging status
  • Time to charge
  • Time remaining

Without pressing a button.

Read your tank levels and receive alerts. You can use your existing tank sensors.

With a free Android and iOS app, you can connect your PICO to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. This allows you to conveniently monitor the battery from your smartphone and change the settings of your PICO.

Technical Specifics

Operating voltage 6 - 35 V DC
Temperature range -10 to +70°C
Power consumption WiFi on, 100% lighting 90 mA
Power consumption WiFi off, 70% lighting 35mA
Power consumption WiFi off, 0% lighting 18mA
Dimensions stand-alone (without connections) 98 x 84 x 10 mm
Dimensions of built-in installation (without connections) 108.5 x 94 x 20 mm

Simarine and Sensor Wiring Manual


Safiery Supplied Simarine System to suit Redarc installs





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