We are Energy Technologists with Insight.
Our Insight changes the Functional into the Unforgettable.

When you team up Safiery, you don't get questions on what battery size or charger size you need. Instead, we ask you "What devices and appliances you wish to operate?" "How long do you want to camp for?" "Do you want to use solar on the 4WD?" "How long do you want to run the air-con in the van?"

We use analytical data and the experience of over 200 systems online, to assess your replenishment power needs. Data and insight others don't have.

Only then do we suggest a battery size.

We design power and energy to be sustainable.


"Safiery's insight guides users to re-think the mobile lifestyle with high efficiency appliances and clean power in the smallest possible space to exceed customer expectations." Read how we do it...


Would you assemble your own 4WD from a collection of parts?

Well, people do with electrical power systems. A "bit of this brand" with a "bit of that"!
We call it a hotch potch.

They suffer from poor support and a lack of integration to name some of the disadvantages. We have also had buyers, early in our journey, who insisted on their own design. None are happy. We learn't the hard way that the secret to a trustworthy system and happy customers is a single accountable design with not just the right components, but the right settings and now the "always-on-line" visible support. We combine high power electrical know-how, CANbus systems, on-line software and communications in one company.

Read how to buy Safiery Systems.

After spending hard earned money on a system of your dreams, you want a hassle free experience. You just want to enjoy all the electric appliances.

The "in's and out's" of the electrics can be confusing. Safiery can have your system on-line in both real time AND a history of data for months. We support your system in the "background". Just add Safiery's dedicated 4G modem and Antenna to your package.This is now reality.

Our GOLD ONLINE VISIBLE SUPPORT contract loads a 12 month SIM card for Telstra wide coverage. We then can commission your system if you are a DIY installer, monitor and tune it. We can load firmware updates, give operational support and even do system additions. What's better, the system automatically notifies us of low battery or high inverter power alerts.

4WD Packages

4WD Trays and Canopies can be quality builds designed for the toughest conditions.

Sprinter, Van and Motorhome Packages

Safiery re-thinks Motorhome operations with high rate of DC to DC charging up to 250A.

Caravan new or Upgrade Packages

Your caravan is a home away from home whether it be weekend or for the big lap.

Commercial Vehicle Packages

Safiery re-thinks food truck operations with minimal genset operating hours.

Marine New or Upgrade Packages

Yachts are masterpieces of design. Careful placement of controls

Marine Outboard Packages

Outboard powered boats leave plenty of space for a new Gyro.

Sailing Boat Packages

Sailing boats have to maximize power from small engines

Mining, Drilling and Construction Packages

Hudraulic motors that operate at 24V demand high power for



Micro-grid solutions for Mining, Commercial and Island Power

Micro-grid Solution with 400V DC Interconnects for up to 2kms.

Who is Safiery
48V System Benefits Explained

Range of High Efficiency DC to DC 12-12V and 12-24/36/48V

Y62 Patrol Upgrade Dual Induction in pullout rear drawer; 600Ah Lithium 6,000W Inverter Scotty 3000W

Running Van Aircon while Towing

80Ft Predator upgraded with 2 x Scotty's 24V to 48V, 20,000Wh Lithium 15,000W Inverter/Charger

Victron Tank Display up to 12 Tanks

Scotty is Defence Innovation 2021 Winner for Land Forces

Ford Transit Food Van - NO GENSET


Tank Level Now Available on Victron Cerbo GX - GX Tank 140

A wide range of tank sensors are now available to plug into the Victron GX Tank 140 interface. It accepts 4 tank level inputs. It connects to one of the 3 USB ports on the Cerbo. Safiery tank level sensors are now ranged to be compatible.


Australian Supplier of Controlled High Alternator Power

Vehicle and Marine Alternator's typically provide 130-250A at 12V. The problem with charging Lithium directly from the alternator is the long term reduction in lithium capacity because of chemical ageing. To avoid this AND have a controlled and safe way of charging, either an alternator controller or Scotty DC to DC is used. This means a 200Ah Lithium battery can be fully charged in an hour or so. Alternator controllers are 99% efficient as they control the power at the source rather than convert it through a transformer. The alternator temperature is monitored so if it is too much power at low speed or idle, the controller will automatically reduce it. It is installed in cabin. The power cable goes direct from the alternator/start battery to the target battery.
The Safiery "Scotty" also extracts power from an alternator. It transfers 3,000W from 12V (or 24V) to either 24V or 48V. It is a bi-directional power converter at 95% efficiency. This means that in a 4WD, it can provide an additional 250A at 12V for power hungry winches. It is Automotive compliant, 5 year warranty and installed in engine bay.​​ It hails from the electric vehicle industry and uses high efficiency 10 layer, 4 phase planar transformer.