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Application Pages for YachtShare typical configurations

The first application is Simarine Monitoring on board.

Pico one display with sc301 shunt measuring:

  • House battery Voltage. Time to Go , State of Charge Alerts.
  • House battery current flow.
  • Shore power through hall effect sensor
  • LPG leak detector with local audible alarm and alarm on PICO display.
  • One temperature Input of your choosing
  • Local alarms on any of these parameters . Note the alarm logic is based on the value only and not time of day nor any other interlocks. It will report on both the sceen and any connected app.


The second application is Global Connect Monitoring on board.

Global Connect Modem with GC AI and DI Module measuring:

  • House battery Voltage.
  • Shore power through hall effect sensor
  • LPG leak detector with local audible alarm and alarm on PICO display.
  • Fuel Flow puse count
  • Fridge Temperature
  • Two other "status" inputs available.
  • One other Analog Input available.
  • Remote values and alarms on any of these parameters . Alarm logic can be based on the value, time of day, Geo-fence status, with any other interlocks. It will report to the connected app.


The third application is Global Connect of remote lock/unlock on board.

Danalock with Bluetooth/Secure Wireless Mesh Connect:

  • Grants access to specific locks for smartphone.
  • Add/delete users.
  • See transaction history
  • API interface to database available

Technical Information:
Wiring and Module Details
-22 pages

Sensor Information
Wiring and Module Details
-26 pages

Maximum monitoring capability:

  • 6 x battery banks with "Real-Time Battery Health ™" (monitors current, voltage and temperature),

  • 6 x battery voltages (12V, 24V and 48V),

  • 14 tank levels on voltage or resistance sensors,

  • 10 temperatures,

  • 24 individual consumer currents or generators,

  • one inclinometer sensor with pitch and roll readings.

The PICO also has a barograph display that determines and displays precise information regarding air pressure and the current trend.





3 Years Manufacturers Warranty

2 Years Lithium Warranty


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