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When you team up Safiery, you don't get questions on what battery size or charger size you need. Instead, we ask you "What devices and appliances do you wish to operate?" "How long do you want to camp for?" "Do you want to use solar on the 4WD?" "How long do you want to run the air-con in the van?"

We use analytical data and the experience of over 200 systems online, to assess your replenishment power needs. Data and insight others don't have.

Only then do we suggest a battery size.

We design power and energy to be sustainable.


Wireless Bluetooth Temperature Sensors for Cerbo in Products List


Knowing the capac

  • Differential pressure sensors use a USA MEM's silicon chip to accurately measure the water level in a tank and therefo
  • Fit to the bottom side of a tank -G1/4 thread
  • Fit on a T-piece before the drain tap
  • Fit into a drain bung directly (most are 3/4 BSP and an adaptor is easily sourced)
  • Undertank Ultrasonic sensors are a quick installation and retrofit when:
  • There is no tank shield
  • There is nrial can be glues to (polypropolyene, metal, fibreglass, composites are all good. 





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