Water Tank Level Sensor Ultrasonic

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Available in June 2018

This is 2-wire ultrasonic level sensor that is resistive.

 It is a non-contact liquidlevel sensorthat ismorereliable andaccuratethan the traditional float sender.

Ultrasonictechnologyis used to togenerate a highfrequencysoundwaveandmeasurethetime for the echo to reflect off of the liquid’s surface and return. Thedistancefromthelevelsensortotheliquid is calculatedbasedonthespeedof sound.   The measureddistanceisconvertedinto an output signal.

  • Measurement accuracy of +/- 3mm
  • Easy to install  or Service: There areno components to protrude into the fluid that need to be bent for removal.
  • Digital  Filtering:Digital filtering eliminates errors due toliquids sloshing in mobile tanks.
  • Chemicalcompatibility:This sensor can be usedwith a wide variety of media including water, gasoline, diesel fuel,  black/graywater.
  • Minimal  DeadBand:  There is nobottomdeadband like on othersenders. But there is a  top dead band of 2 inches.
  • AmericanBoatandYachtCouncil(ABYC)Certified

This 2-Wire Level Sensor can mount in a variety of ways.Common mountingstyles use 13/16” machine threaded or the standardSAE 1810 5-bolt pattern. The SSI Gasket must be used to install the sender.When mounting, it is important to place the level sensor’s face in the center of the tank perpendicular to the liquid level and with no obstructions in the beam path to the liquid.

In low clearance applications,the 2-wire level sensor bolts in and bolts out quickly. There are no extended swing arms.



Up to 850mm

Range (Gasoline*)

Up to 650mm

Distance Resolution


Distance Accuracy

+/- 3mm

Operating Temp Range

-40 to 85 ° C

Storage Temp Range

-50 to 100° C


SAE 5 Bolt Torque

10-15 in/lbs

1 3/16” Threaded Torque

3-5 ft/lbs

Emulated Resistance

30-240 Ω

Cone Angle

+/- 6 degrees

Dead Band (Top only)

50mm (max)


Shipping Weight 0.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.300m
Shipping Cubic 0.003000m3
Unit Of Measure each

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