Victron Energy integrates with Safiery Lithium Batteries

Based in the Netherlands, Victron has been providing a range of power solution products across the globe to the marne, mobility, off-grid and industrial markets since 1975. With nearly 1000 different products sold in more than 60 countries Victron now designs and sells a large variety of power products for automotive, industrial, marine, mobility, off-grid/solar, self-consumption, and telecom markets.

Safiery is a full Victron distributor and partners with Victron:

  • Safiery's Lithium batteries have Victron Blueooth mesh network chips fitted when connecting to Victron's Smart Bluetooth mesh Network. Victron's Bluetooth smart network transmits the same battery data all the devices automatically without user intervention.
  • Safiery's Easy Touch Switching system integrates with control of Inverters, Chargers and if required solar controllers for easy user access. All of an RV's lights and Victron devices can be turned off at the press of one switch. 
  • Safiery's customized display for a fixed screen in our RV or Boat, or as a mobile screen on your smartphone.
  • Safiery's Mobility Global 4G Connect integrates the Victron Colour Control or Venus GX with GPS to Victron's VRM.

The Venus GX can automatically update itself from the internet, when there is a new software version available.