Victron Smart Solar and Smart Charger Installation Instructions


  1. Fit the “Smart Battery Sense” to the Lithium Battery terminals. +ve and -ve have to be correct.
  2. Wire the Battery terminal connections on the Smart Solar Controller to the Battery. Do this before connecting the Solar Panel. +ve and -ve have to be correct.
  3. Then connect the solar panel. +ve and -ve have to be correct.


Open Smartphone and Download the “Victron Connect” app


  1. Open the “Victron Connect App” on your smartphone.
  2. Hit the “connect “circle in (bottom right on Apple) and the Victron devices should all appear , including any chargers and smart Battery Protect devices.
  3. Pair to each device. There is no passcode to start with. When it asks you for one, just select “pair”


Open the Smart Battery Sense device first.

  1. Go to Setup which is the “cog” in top right hand corner.
  2. Select “VE Smart Networking”
  3. Select “Create Network
  4. Give it a name you recognise. No spaces or special characters limit is 8 characters
  5. Select OK


Open the Smart Solar device.

  1. Open Smart Solar device in VE Connect
  2. Go to Setup which is the “cog” in top right hand corner.
  3. Select “VE Smart Networking” (last item on list)
  4. Select “Join Existing” and then select your network you have named.


Now the Smart Solar is connected to the Battery by Bluetooth

  1. Then in the Smart Solar Setup, select “Battery” (top line)
  2. Check it is on 12V
  3. Select Charger Settings as “user defined”
  4. Select Absorbtion Voltage as 14.58V
  5. Select max absorbtion time as 6 hours
  6. Select Float voltage as 13.80
  7. Set Equalisation voltage as 14.58V
  8. Automatic equalisation is to be disabled.
  9. Select Low temp cut off as disabled.

This is now done.


  1. Once Running Take a screen shot of first page with settings and then email page with history to our email address (not listed here for anti-spame reasons) for checking.


Now the Smart Battery Charger

  1. Go to Setup which is the “cog” in top right hand corner.
  2. Select Li-ion
  3. Select 30A

It is now ready

  1. “Night mode” reduces the current and the noise for a quiet nights sleep!

You are all set



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