VICTRON Smart Inverter 2000W Bluetooth Mesh

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1200W SMART Bluetooth Mesh Connected Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The Victron Smart 800W Inverter is the wireless solution to switch to 240V effortlessly, to change settings and to update the charger when new features become available. 

High efficiency 

With up to 91% efficiency, these chargers generate up to four times less heat when compared to the industry standard. And once the Inveter power consumption reduces to 0,5 Watt, it switches to eco mode, some five to ten times better than the industry standard. 

Bluetooth Mesh Network Connected

Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, all connect through Bluetooth to give complete control and monitoring

Fully configurable 

  • Low battery voltage alarm trip and reset levels 
  • Low battery voltage cut-off and restart levels 
  • Dynamic cut-off: load dependent cut-off level 

ECO mode on/off and ECO mode sense level 


• In- and output voltage, % load and alarms 

Proven reliability 

The full bridge plus toroidal transformer topology has proven its reliability over many years.
The inverters are short circuit proof and protected against overheating, whether due to overload or high ambient temperature. 

High start-up power 

Needed to start loads such as power converters for LED lamps, halogen lamps or electric tools. 

ECO mode 

When in ECO mode, the inverter will switch to standby when the load decreases below a preset value (min load: 15W). Once in standby the inverter will switch on for a short period (adjustable, default: every 2,5 seconds). If the load exceeds a preset level, the inverter will remain on. 

Remote on/off 

A remote on/off switch can be connected to a two pole connector, or between battery plus and the left hand contact of the two pole connector. 



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