VICTRON Smart Battery Charger 30A Bluetooth Mesh Connected

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30A SMART Bluetooth Mesh Connected Battery Charger

The Victron Smart 30A Charger is the wireless solution to monitor voltage and current, to change settings and to update the charger when new features become available. 

High efficiency 

With up to 94% efficiency, these chargers generate up to four times less heat when compared to the industry standard. And once the battery is fully charged, power consumption reduces to 0,5 Watt, some five to ten times better than the industry standard. 

Adaptive 6-stage charge algorithm for AGM: test - bulk – absorption - recondition – float – storage 

The Blue Smart Charger features a microprocessor controlled ‘adaptive’ battery management. The adaptive feature will automatically optimize the charging process relative to the way the battery is being used. 

Adaptive 2-stage charge algorithm for Li-ion (LiFePO4) batteries 

LiFePO4 batteries are charged with a simple bulk – absorption – float algorithm. So Simple, zero maintenance when combined with our Lithium Storage Mode controller.

AGM Storage Mode: 

The storage mode kicks in whenever the battery has not been subjected to discharge during 24 hours.

With an AGM battery, In the storage mode float voltage is reduced to 2,2V/cell (13,2V for a 12V battery) to minimize gassing and corrosion of the positive plates. Once a week the voltage is raised back to the absorption level to ‘equalize’ the battery. This feature prevents stratification of the electrolyte and sulfation, a major cause of early battery failure. 

Lithium Storage Mode:

This is the opposite to AGM mode. With Lithium batteries, the charging voltage and frequency of charging is automatically controlled by the SAFIERY storage mode controller. A Safiery patented innovation that uses Victron harware and Safiery software. Touch the smartphone app or hit the physical switch that puts your Lithium battery into storage mode.

NIGHT and LOW setting 

When in NIGHT or LOW mode, the output current is reduced to max. 50% of the nominal output and the charger will be totally noiseless. The NIGHT mode automatically ends after 8 hours. The LOW mode can be ended manually. 

Protected against overheating 

Output current will reduce as temperature increases up to 50°C, but the Smart Charger will not fail. 



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