This kit is designed to be super compact.

Board shown in picture is approx 750 x 750 mm and 125mm deep plus board 16mm.

We choose the cast polyurethane board as it INSULATES and is moisture proof

(Note if plywood absorbs moisture and carpet with debris may no longer be a good insulative base)

  • The weight of this kit (excludes Solar panels) is around 100kgs

Three voltages are present BUT

  • Only one house battery voltage of 48V
  • Batteries can be the floor mounted type or rack mounted type - exactly same battery , different packaging

The 6000VA Inverter charger is remarkable:

  • It is a true hybrid unit where the inverter rating from the batteries is added to the inverter rating from solar to give up to 9000VA capacity.
  • It is transformerless and operates at 95% efficiency
  • The Inverter is DC coupled to the CANbus batteries and does not need a shunt. It all runs on CANbus.
  • The unit is 12 kgs in weight.
  • Includes Smart Solar to 4000W capacity
  • requires a minimum of 120V PV to a max of 400V PV

Scotty 24V-48V operates:

  • Charging the 48V Lithium while driving
  • Reverses direction in 1/400 of second to supply 24V from the 48V Lithium when engine is off
  • Has built in smart battery protect for 48V Lithium to 24V side
  • Is 96% efficient in both directions
  • Charges up to 3000W (requires 24V alternator > 150A output)
  • Returns 125A at 24V for winch support

Orion 48/12-30A 

  • Provides 12V power for LEDS and other devices
  • Can be adjusted as high as 14.5V or as low as 12V to suit devices
  • Bed lifts may require 2 units at additional cost



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