Range: 40mm to 1000mm

Note the first 30-40mm is a "blind" zone. (All ultrasonics have a blind zone where reading may not be as reliable)

The tank can be alloy, steel, plastic or polyethylene. Note, spun roto-moulded tanks are difficult to adhere to.

Ultrasonic liquid level sensor is usually installed on the underface (bottom) of the measured container to measure the level of the liquid level. It is not necessary to penetrate the tank. The sensor is adhered to the outside.

The sensor is glued on with a 2 part adhesive small quanity supplied. Special adhesive may be required for polyethylene. 

The sensor is encapsulated in an anodized alloy casing with a recessed groove to capture the excess glue with pushed to bottom of tank.

The surface needs to be clean and clear of paint or debris. 

There is an LED on the Sensor (underside) that confirms operation.

1. LED light is one long bright light: power is on, but liquid is not detected.

2. LED light is a slow flash: liquid is detected. 

The liquid can be fresh water, waste water, or any toxic substances.

It is not suitable for sewage or liquids with floating solids as the sensor range is blocked by those objects.


Purchasing Tank Sensors for Shipping to USA

All our tank sensors can be shipped to USA. Simply login and purchase on line. The prices here are in AUD$. One AU$ = approx US0.68. So AU$100 is US$68

The freight is expensive as we only ship with DHL/Fedex or equal. With volume, the freight becomes more attractive price. This has tracking which is on your invoice. We cannot ship gel by air. So USA buyers can us KY Jelly for the couplant that you purchase locally.

The Sensors work perfectly with Victron, but a tank GX 140 is needed. They also work perfectly with Simarine.


Sensor is 28mm diameter and 18mm high

Lead length is 450mm

  • Working temperature:-15℃ to+60℃;
  • Storage temperature:-25℃ to+80℃;
  • Measuring resolution:1mm;
  • Electrostatic   protective design, connecting   leads  up to the standard of IEC61000-4-2;




PIN name

PIN description

Red wire


DC 10V~36V, power input wire

Black wire



Yellow wire


Analog voltage output wire

White wire


Not used

Brand Safiery
Shipping Weight 0.2000kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.100m
Shipping Cubic 0.001500000m3
Unit Of Measure each

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