Scotty outboard charging systems for trolling motors

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Scotty Difference with Outboard Charging

This Video may not seem profound. It is just a clip from the smartphone of the Smart Shunt showing power performance from Scotty with Twin Yamaha 115hp outboard alternators. However, what we learnt is profound:

  • Using a fixed DC-DC charging value of 50A caused the outboards to stall just above idle. the power extracted was too much. For this reason, outboard manufacturers recommend relatively low DC-DC charging systems.
  • Scotty is a variable power DC-DC charging system. With the twin Yamaha's we extracted this amount of power:

        1) At Idle: 37A from both engines with no excessive engine load

        2) At 3/4 Throttle: 85A from both engines with no excessive engine load

Scotty is a game changer for outboard driven charging systems!

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