This is a high powered 12V Setup with the latest technology which reduces installation cost and improved reliability.

With two 200 Ah Lithium and 2000W Victron Smart Inverter you can operate

  • 2000W Induction - double or single
  • Espresso coffee pod machine
  • Air Fryer to 1800W
  • Ice maker
  • 10L or 15L Stiebel Hot Water Systems

Lastest Technology for ease of USE

  • 5inch Gorilla Glass Touch Display
  • AC and DC power visible on Display
  • Alternator power visible on Display
  • Solar Power with History visible on Touch Display
  • Water pump control with low tank level lockout controlled on Touch Display
  • With internet connection available, whole system visible from anywhere in world

Latest technology for POWER

  • 400Ah Lithium with CANbus interface - Battery dictates charge and discharge current limits
  • Can be changed to only 200Ah which accepts 140A charging continuously.
  • Can be expanded to 800Ah Lithium - all onCANbus
  • One Lithium battery can be charged at 140A continuously
  • One Lithium battery can be discharged at 200A continuously
  • Optional Second battery gives "Perfect Pair" with 280A charging and 400A of discharging.
  • 2,000W Smart Inverter - Touch Screen Conrolled
  • 1,500W Alternator Charging suits standard LC 79, 200, Ford Ranger and Nissan Patrol Alternators
  • Will replenish 200Ah Lithium from 20% to 95% in 1.5 hours
  • Optional Smart Solar will charge in addition to the alternator control.


SKU FDP123005020
Brand Safiery Package