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Exciting breakthrough for RV's and Marine is use of DC-DC with Solar

  • Allows use of different size panels and different technology in the sale string

  • Shading on one panel does not affect others in the string

  • Customized DC Voltage level settings for compatibility with Victron MPPT Smart Solar

250W Portable Solar Victron Package

“We solve the problem of portable panels with low panel voltage. High Panel Voltage (63.2V) gives: 1) Early Start, Late Finish 2) Low loss from 10m cable. 3) Increased yield with Ultra-fast Victron Smart Solar Controller 20A. Smartphone app - 30 Day History 28mm Thin - 8kgs Japanese Top ETFE Layer.”

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250W Portable Solar with High PV Victron package

Solar Secrets

Maximizing solar - 10 secrets that are easy to implement

Usable Energy from Solar

Solar panels are just a cog in the chain from the sun to replenishment energy from your battery. Focussing on just panels may result is a major mis-step with higher cost/performance

In the Picture above several problems are overcome:

1. Low Panel Voltage (PV).

Popular DC to DC / Solar Combo controller's (Redarc, Enerdrive and Intervolt) are relatively low efficiency solar controllers with limited Panel Voltage. Profesional Solar controllers from Victron or Morningstar operate at 98% efficiency and accept high panel voltage.

The benefits of high Panel Voltage are: 1) Early Start, late finish. Because of the higher PV, solar yield early in morning when panels are cool is possible. 2) Lower losses on cabling from panels to solar controller. Halve the current and the losses shrink by 75%.

To get high Panel Voltage: place low PV panels in series first, then in parallel. This increases solar yield;

OR select a high panel voltage panel:

  • Safiery 250W Portable is 62.3V Voc
  • Safiery Sunpower 400W  is 76V Voc
  • Victron 305W, 360W are 47.5V Voc

2. Ultra Fast MPPT Solar Controllers

Victron Smart Solar operates at 98% efficiency. In addition to more than 10% higher efficiency is the gain from "ultra fast MPPT control". Experience is Victron Smart Solar yields 120-130% more energy per day than DC/DC Combo systems. Over time, this amounts to significant cost saving in solar panel size.

3. Solar Controllers that operate with a flat battery

Popular DC to DC / Solar Combo controller's (Redarc, Enerdrive and Intervolt) all require an active battery voltage present to operate. They can't re-activiate a flat battery.  Profesional Solar controllers from Victron or Morningstar can. They use the sun to power the controller, not the battery.

4. Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries run close to 100% efficient. This means that for 100Ahrs of energy out of the battery, only 100Ahrs in from solar is required.

AGM batteries require 127ahrs in to get the same 100Ahrs out. So AGM batteries bog down your solar efficiency significantly.

Add to that the charge efficiency with AGM batteries, once over 80% State of charge may fall to 50%. Its tough to get that last 20% into them. Lithium is the opposite. They just soak up the slar charging and getto 100% easily.

Designing a solar system is therefore more than just "whether the panel will fit". We look at the layout and the impact of Air-conditioners and hatches. We look at the best series/parallel combination for maximum yield.




250W Portable Solar

400W High Efficiency

Sunpower Glass

Glass Victron






28mm thin
680mm x 505mm

1046 mm wide
1690 mm Long



4WD, Camper Trailers, Roof Top tents, Caravans

4WD, Camper Trailers, Caravans, Cabins, Homes

Whats special?

Super Thin 28mm

High PV >60V

Low Current Panel to controller so long cable supplied -10m

Victron 20A Smart Solar available for package

Smartphone App gives all solar histroy and battery data

SunPower MAXEON 3 panels combine the top efficiency, durability and warranty available in the market today, resulting in more long-term energy and savings.


Maximum Power. Minimalist Design.

Highest Lifetime Energy Savings

Designed to deliver 60% more energy in the same space over 25 years in real-world conditions like partial shade and high temperatures.

Full 5 years warranty

Super high Quality Victron Glass panels

Full 5 years warranty

How to install?

Plug n Play

Alloy rails, screws

Suitable for high voltage series?


Victron Bluetooth mesh network easy linking of solar, battery charger, inverter?

Yes, Included

Yes, Optional

Safiery's Highest Efficiency Panels

We solved the problem of limted available roof space for an off-road Caravan manufacturer. They had only 3150 x 1700. The customer wants to run air-con from the batteries for 10 hours.

The Design starts with the highest efficiency solar panels available commercially:

  • 1690 x 1046mm yielding 400W at 25 deg C.

  • High PV of 76V Voc per panel

  • Three panels in parallel for 1,200W. 

  • Results in a Vmp 68V plus which means low losses from roof cabling.

This solar is charging 48V batteries in a Safiery 48-12v Hybrid.

400W Highest PV Sunpower Glass Solar 1200 x 800


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