Triple Insulated Solar

Perfect for Pop-top, 4WD Canopy and Caravan Roof 

Perfect for retrofit of Kimberley Kruiser and Kimberley Karavan Solar

  • No need to remove existing solar on a Kimberley. This solar caps existing panels.

Triple Insulated Solar:

  • Lightweight at 2.5kg for 70W output (Solar Panel 1.3kg, Triple Insulated olycarbonate 0.9kg, Sika to fix 0.3 kg, Alloy end caps 0.05kg)
  • Highest quality Sunpower cells giving a 20%+ yield and 70W from 1050mm x 370mm.
  • Top finish is Japanese ETFE with 5 year warranty against de-lamination or peeling.
  • Triple insulated with 3 sets of air pockets in a honeycomb UV rated polycarbonate base between the solar panel and roof
  • Has concealed optimizer and cabling
  • Fitted with an extruded leading edge to prevent driving under overhanging trees damaging front of panel
  • Has concealed airspace under for panel wiring to traverse across other panels.
  • Isolated panel bonding from roof expansion

How they work:

The Triple Insulated Solar is:

  • Lightweight ETFE finished flexible solar panel 70W capacity.
  • Bonded to a UV rated polycarbonate sheet of 3 insulated layers.
  • With alloy extruded leading and trailing edges.
  • Solar optimizer or connection block is mounted underneath the solar panel and is the same height as the polycarbonate triple insulating material.
  • Polycarbonate triple insulating material has four layers with 3 air flow pockets between the top and bottom layer. 
  • Insulation factor is R3 which means it lets through 1/3 of the heat energy.
  • Solar panel on top of the triple insulation layer is cooler and operates more efficiently. 
  • Triple insulation layer keeps inside caravan temperature cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • For Kimberley Kruiser, the Tropical roof is kept in tact and there is no reason to replace it.
  • For Kimberley Karavan, there is a significant reduction of temperture inside for R3 insulation.

Temperature comparison of Triple Insulated solar installed on top of Optima Black Solar on Kimberley Kruiser S3.

  • Photo on left is temperature of Sunpower black cells on top of Solar Panel .
  • Photo on right is spot temperature of bottom polycarbonate cell sitting on top of Optima Black solar.

Photo Below shows dry fit of first panel overlaying the installed Kimberley Black Optima Panels.

Kimberley Upgrade comparison


Factory Deliveredby Kimberley

Each Panel was bonded to Tropical roof/ Fibreglass canopy

Same panel physical sizes Safiery Upgrade

Estimated Power increase with lower temperature advantage in full Kimberley sun

Package Price incl GST for Uninstalled Components.
Sika 252 is only item required for assembly and installation.

Kimberley Kruiser S Class

6 x 55W = 330W

6 x 70W = 420W



Kimberley Kruiser E Class

5 x 55W = 275W

5 x 70W = 350W



Kimberley Kruiser T Class

10 x 55w = 550W

10 x 70W =700W



Kimberley Kruiser T Class

12 x 55w = 660W

12 x 70W =840W



Kimberley Karavan

8 x 55w = 440W

8 x 70W =560W



Kimberley Eco-suite

10 x 55w = 550W

10 x 70W =700W




Tropical Solar Roof for RV’s is a Triple Win

This Tropical Solar Roof performs 3 functions:

  1. Supports super light ETFE solar panels over the whole solar panel size. It comes with a custom extruded leading edge to protect the panel for approaching overhead brush.
  2. Provides significant added insulation with an R factor approaching 3.
    This can reduce inside temperature rise from direct solar radiation by 30-40%
  3. Provides significant cooling to under-side of solar panel with cross ventilation. This maximizes the solar output.

Installs in a fraction of the time.

This Tropical Solar Roof is made up of 2 components:

  1. Alloy extrusion as front leading edge (and trailing edge) 1.6mm thick.
  2. Four wall UV treated polycarbonate insulating panel



Solar panel technology has been on a rollercoaster ride over the past few years. 

Many people switched from glass panels to plastic panels with a subsequent disappointment. 

It has taken a few years for the flexible panel technology to shake-out. Early buyers of plastic flexible panels have seen delamination or opaqueness. 

These problems have been solved with a different type of plastic called ETFE. 

SAFIERY uses this technology in our flexible solar using Sunpower and Japanese matt finish ETFE technology. 

This results in an 80% reduction in weight of over even the ligtest glass panels.

This reduction at highest point of the caravan or trailer improves towing ability.

It also minimizes the need for cleaning. Matt ETFT panels have self-cleaning properties. The surface is extremely hard to “stick to” with high stain resistance. Dirt is rapidly washed away by rain.

ETFE has great insulating properties which improves the comfort of the sleeping area.

Finally, ETFE features low flammability, important for your safety.

To recap: The ETFE technology is sourced from Japan and this is just as important as using the high efficiency Sunpower cells.

ETFE Material:

  • Sourced from Japan
  • Matt finish

Sunpower Performance Series Class A Solar cells:

  • Performance series has highest PV efficiency
  • Highest quality in the market

They carry these certificates:

  • ISO 9001 Quality
  • CE Compliance for Europe
  • 5 Years Manufacturing warranty inluding delamination and opagueness.
  • 5 years warranty 90% power output.
  • 10 years warranty 80% power output.

They include:

  • Optimizer with each panel (minimizes shade impact when grouped togther)
  • MC-4 Connectors
  • Serial number on each panel.

There is the optional:

  • Dual Panel joiner MC-4 Connector