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Safiery Achieve More Solar Energy/Day than others with:


1. High Solar Panel Voltage (PV)

Popular DC to DC /& Solar Combo controller's (Redarc, Enerdrive and Intervolt) suffer from limited Panel Voltage because they mix solar with vehicle charging. Professional Solar controllers from Victron or Morningstar operate at 98% efficiency and accept high panel voltage up to 450V. Safiery strives for a Panel Voltage approach 100V to a max of 150V

1) Early Start, late finish. Because of the higher PV, solar yield is higher early in morning when panels are cool. Likewise in late afternoon when you want that final topup.

2) The cable from the solar panels has 1/4 or less of the curent compared to low voltage solar panels. Lower current means less losses. Alternative run a longer cable with portable solar. 


2. Mixed Panel Sizes to get Maximum Solar on Roof Area.

To achieve a High Panel Voltage requires a series string of panels. When the Solar panels are natively connected in series, shading of one panel in a series string dramatically affects the whole string.

RV/Marine roof areas can be a hotch potch os different sized spaces. Mixing different panel sizes and even technologies can be fraught with performance problems. 

Safiery have solved both of these problems with a DC to DC solar string that supports individual panels. 

1) The DC to DC string will support panels of mixed sizes from 80W up to 400W.

2) The DC to DC string will support panels of mixed technologies: Add Copperflex and Glass on same string.


3. Ultra-Fast Victron Smart Solar Controllers

Victron Smart Solar operates at 98% efficiency. In addition to this very high efficiency is the gain from "ultra fast MPPT control". Experience is Victron Smart Solar yields 120-130% more energy per day than DC/DC Combo systems.

Victron Smart Solar Controller can:

1) Recover a flat battery. Victron use the solar PV to power the microprocessor. This cant be done with other brands like Redarc and Enerdrive with spiking the battery capacitor.

2) Safiery use "Expert Mode" that can shift the Solar controller back into bulk charge mode in the afternoon.

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