Bluetooth Connected Smart Device

This Victron Smart BMS protects the alternator (and wiring), the lithium batteries and supplies up to 200A in any DC load (including inverters and inverter/chargers).

Can be used as a system on/off switch.


Battery Protection

This function is similar to a Smart Battery Isolator.

  • Current can flow to the Lithium battery only if the input voltage (= voltage on the starter battery) exceeds 13V.
  • Protect the Lithium battery against excessive charge current which is important when the Lithium battery is at a low state of charge.


Alternator Protection

  • Unless a maximum charge current is set, most 12V alternators will overheat and fail if running at maximum output at idle for more than 5-10 minutes.
  • The input current limit is set using Bluetooth and then placing the matching fuse recommended from the Bluetooth app.
  • The maximum charge rate is 100A.


Inverter charger output-input

  • This 200A Power M8 lug can be used to either charge or discharge the Lithium battery (i.e. via a charger, an inverter or inverter/charger) with a maximum continuous current of 200A in both directions.
  • Can also be used as a load output, thus DC loads can be connected directly to this port. The port is short-circuit protected with a peak discharge current of 400A.
  • The Smart BMS will enable charging through this port using a 240V AC Charger. The charger must have Lithium charging profile.


Remote System on/off

  • This can be done using a switch OR
  • Using Bluetooth App
  • This can be configured for just the alternator or the entire system

Safiery Engine Bay Controller

  • Controlls the Smart BMS for Safiery Lithium Batteries
  • Controlls the Smart BMS for Alternator Only Connection with Lithium Start Battery
  • This System WILL NOT WORK without this module


SKU LIB135X212V766

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