Slimline Lithium Battery for Camping, Fishing & Compact 4WD Spaces

Wouldn't you like to easily pickup a powerpack that will run your fridge all day in your boat, day camping or in the back of your 4WD where there are tight spaces.

We have the product using Lithium Iron Phosphate, the industry standard: super lightweight.

The result is our 100Ahr Slimline Lithium battery is only 88mm deep. Thats right, it will fit behind the seat of most 4WD's. It's 440mm long and 300mm high. It weighs only 10.7kg (includes the metal casing).

We would love to take Lithium batteries in our small boat fishing to:

  • power up the small 12L fridge/ freezer
  • power the electric outboard when trolling

The problem was that "batteries -boats - water - fish - beer" needs a very simple installation without a clunky control box and easy to lift in and out. So we designed a Slimline Lithium Powerhouse especially for the fishermen and 4WD operators...

This Lithium Battery is a 100Ah Powerhouse 88mm Deep.

  • Bluetooth Chip to Victron Bluetooth Mesh Network to complete a Smart powerhouse of Victron Chargers
  • 6 outlets for a wide variety of plug in devices:
    • 2 x cig outlets
    • 1 x Engel Fridge
    • 1x Andersen Plug 50A
    • 2 x 2.1A USB charging outlets for smartphones
    • 1 x Set of posts with knurled nuts
  • No need for a distribution system.
  • Protection is built into the battery. 
  • Optional DC-DC 10A charger that pugs into cigarette lighter outlet of vehicle
  • Accepts up to 50A charger from installed DC to DC chargers like Redarc, Projecta, Sterling and Intervolt. (Warranty is void on all others as they havent been tested)

It is loaded with protection:

  • Power Load Protection
  • Overload protection
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Over current Protection
  • Over charging Protection
  • Over dis-charging Protection
  • Short-circuit Protection
  • Over temperature Protection

The terminals are nurled nuts on M6 posts. This is so you can simply add the type of connecting cable for your fridge with loops over the nuts.

For boating, camping and fishing users:

  • Charge the battery in the back of your vehicle during the week. If you don't have a dedicated wired Dc to DC Charger, no proble. Use the optional 10A DC to DC Charger and connect it to a cigarette lighter output in the back of your vehicle. 
  • Connect up your fridge in your car or boat or picnic camp
  • Let it run: 100Ahrs should last for 24 hours for most fridges + LED lighting + Phone charging

For serious off-road and 4WD users:

  • Connect the battery to a dedicated DC to DC charger from Redarc, Projecta, Sterling and Intervolt. (Warranty is void on all others as they havent been tested)
  • Connect up your fridge to any suitable outlet.
  • Let it run: 100Ahrs should last for 24 hours for most fridges + LED lighting + Phone charging

This battery is also suitable as a Lead Acid/AGM/Gel battery replacement in a caravan or camper trailer. It can be charged by any AGM battery charger that does not use an "equalisation or de-sulphation" mode. These chargers in AGM setting of 14.4V-14.6V should charger the battery to 95% quickly. They can get the battery to 99% but this last 3-4% will take longer than using a dedicated Lithium Charger.

The best scenario with older chargers is to keep using these for DC to DC and 240V charging but Change your solar charger to a Lithium charger. We recommend Victron. Victron Smart Solar is 98% efficient and can be set with high Bulk/absorbtion Charge and Float charging levels.

Dimensions and Specs:

As you see it in the picture below. The battery is 440mm L x 300mmH x 88mm Deep. This excludes the lift handles.

Connecting 2 together for 100Ahrs is allowable, but we haven't tested more than 2:

Link the batteries accross the terminals with ring connectors.

Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Full Charge Voltage 12.8V
Cut off Charge Voltage 10.7V
Max Charging Voltage 14.6V
Designed No of Cycles 2,500
Maximum discharge current 100A Continuous
Operating temperature Up to 60 deg C
Maximum Charging Current 50A
Parallel Connections Allowed for up to 2 batteries
Dimensions 440mmL x 300mmH x 88mmD
Weight 10.7 kgs