Lithium High Capacity

Imagine hearing just the gentle lapping of water on the boat and on some rare nights, the twinkling of the stars…

It is all possible now thanks to Lithium Battery technology. 

Smarter, bigger and lower cost installations are driving demand.

Even better, if you have added additional power consumers to your boat and the generator trips at times with higher loads, there is now an effective solution.

Silent Night™ delivers power* in 3 ways:

  1. Direct from only the Lithium Batteries at night,
  2. As an addition to the generator power so the generator doesn’t trip,
  3. As an addition to shore power so the shore power supply doesn’t trip.

*Inverter output from Lithium Batteries has to be less than total power demand of course

Solves problem with a conventional combined inverter/charger:

A conventional “combi” inverter/charger will operate as an inverter when there is no AC input voltage present, and as a battery charger when AC is available. That’s it.

When AC is available the input current will be the current drawn by the battery charger plus the current taken by the connected AC appliances.A powerful battery charger draws a lot of current: a 48V 50A charger for example will take nearly 10A from the AC supply. When connected to a 16A socket only 6A will be left for the remaining AC equipment on board.

The result is that a powerful combi will trip a 16A circuit breaker as soon as some equipment is switched on.

Sizes Available


Energy Capacity

Power Supply




Combo of 4kw for 4 hours and 8kW for 5 hours


~2.5 hours




21.6 kWh

~6 hours

~3 hours

~2 hours


57.6 kWhr


~9 hours

~6 hours

Yes total of 9 hours

Comfort plus economy

All too often shore power in the marina is limited. All too often small gensets are ahead ache because of premature failure or frequent maintenance.

Lithium Batteries are virtually maintenance free. 

Generator hours are reduced. Genset maintenance reduced.

Recharges while Genset running during the day

Silent NightmeasurestheAC input current and gives priority to the connected AC equipment. Whatever current is “leftover” isused to charge the batteries.

Complies with connection to Australian Grid

  • Anti-Islanding for use on Australian Power Grid

Best of Both Worlds

The bidirectional converter of Silent Night operates in parallel with the AC input and will add  current (with energy from the battery) whenever demand exceeds the capacity of the supply!

Overview of Specification

3000W Inverter-Charger Modules

  • Voltage: 48V Dc
  • Power: Multiples of 3KVA: 6KVA, 9KVA
  • 2400Wp Max Output per module
  • 35A Max Battery charging at 48V per module
  • 32A Max input current & Switch-throughput current
  • Anti-Islanding for use on Australian Power Grid
  • Efficiency: 95%
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Each 3kVA module: 18kg
  • Each 3kVA module: 499x268x141mm
  • AS4777.2 approval (CEC Approved PCE)

9.6kWhr Lithium Battery Modules

  • Voltage: 48V Dc
  • 6000 cycles design life
  • Warranty 10 years
  • IP65
  • Expandable up to 80kWhr
  • 9.6kWh module weighs 113kg 928mmH x 555mmW x 210mm Deep



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