This is the Special Offer for the Sydney 4 x 4 Show

This off starts Friday 6th September and expires Monday 9th September at Midday.

There are 4 packages:

Package 1 Simarine Monitoring Classic $645 (20% Reduction to Retail Price)

  • Pico Plus Display
  • 11 Channel Input module )
  • 4 x 25A currents (can be merged into 1 x 50A and 2 x 25A)
  • Tray of camper Battery Monitor
  • Starter battery Monitor
  • Tank Level (2% accuracy)
  • Four Temperature Inputs
  • 2 Temp Sensor (Fridge and canopy)
  • 1 Tank Level Sensor
  • Data cabling
  • Fuse and power block to Pico and Input module.
  • Wiring Manual

Package 2 add Pitch and Roll OR Inverter Monitoring $160 (20% Reduction to Retail Price)

  • Add this to Package 1


  • Inclinometeron 
  • Pitch and roll aircraft quality alloy inclinometer


  • Inverter Monitoring Add on Pack
  • 4 input module 
  • 300A Shunt for measuring inverter power (on negative leg, safe to install easily)
  • 2 inputs that will take inclinometer OR 2 additional Tank Sensors PLUS
  • One additional Temperature Input
  • Additional Temperature Sensor

Package 3 Smart Switch $290 (10% Reduction to Retail Price)

  • Smart Switch Module
  • Custom Laser engraved names (max 2 rows of 7 characters per row)
  • 4 Indepenent Circuits - all fused
  • Up to 3 x 10A positive driven circuits for pumps, fridge, DC outlets. from the 4 available


  • Up to 4 LED Dimmable light circuits of 24W (2 A) each circuit
  • Alloy slimline 4 button switch (actual buttons, not slow acting touch switches)
  • Backlit buttons
  • Blue LED surround light confirming selection
  • Blue LED surround light dims in synchonization with actual light dimming
  • RJ45 cable connecting Switch with Smart IO Board
  • 10A Fuses for Smart IO Board
  • Spring clips or C clips for fitting
  • Secure Wireless Mesh Controller on Smart IO Board.(needs an optional hub for wireless remote control)

Package 4: 3 x DUAL Colour Light Module Add on (not sold separately) $95 (60% Reduction to Retail Price)

  • ONE LARGE Dual Colour light and TWO SMALL Dual Colour Lights
  • Either Large Slimline Diffused Dual Colour light 400mm x 90mm x 6mm


  • Large Square Dual Colour light 195mm x 195mm x 7mm
  • PLUS 2 Small Square LED Lights 105mm x 105mm x 6mm with spring clips


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