This is the upgrade process:

  1. Only Scotty 3000 with the gland plate and removeable cable lugs immediately below Scotty can be upgraded at this time. This is because the original version of Scotty has a 500 baud CANbus controlled DC DC. There will be a future version of Scotty AI that can upgrade that model later in 2023.
  2. Remove Scotty safely. DO NOT PULL OUT THE HARNESS FIRST. This will damage the unit. Disconnect the positive power cables and the HS battery sense wire (red Batt + inside harness). Then remove harness. Keep the harness.
  3. Send to us Scotty packaged with nuts and covers in place. Add a Label with the Scotty AI SA Order number on the front of the unit.
  4. Safiery complete the upgrade and send back to you.
  5. In Australia, return shipping cost is included in the price. Overseas, it will be calculated and a separate invoice issued.
  6. When re-installing the wiring from the harness is very different. Unless you pay attention and reconnect the harness differently, Scotty AI may be damaged. So please follow the new Installation manual. Available on line.
  7. Safiery include a new temperature sensor in the upgrade package.
  8. The Warranty continues from the date of first purchase. This upgrade DOES NOT trigger the start of a new warranty period.


Safiery Scotty Wiring Install and Operation Manual


Scotty What does it do for you?


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