Its generally once in a lifetime that we see a revolutionary product that changes the game. Scotty is such a product. The energy management feature with is a significant game changer that will both save fuel costs when power and energy in the canopy/vehicle is not critical (driving around town during the week) AND flick a switch for abundant power on the weekend off-road. The fuel saving adds value to the product.

High frequency planar bi-directional 3000W DC to DC:

  1. These have Low Side and High Side voltage “Pins”.
  2. When the low side pin voltage is higher than the specified setpoint, power will flow through to the high side to a voltage level specified by the battery charging program.
  3. Load demand by the high side is met by the delivered power until the power supply on the low side cannot meet the power load at which time the voltage will decrease.
  4. When the voltage decreases to below the low side set point, the power flow will stop and may reverse direction if programmed to do so.

That is it. Using voltage as the primary electrical switching function makes it so simple. The result is these products are so reliable to use.

  1. However, the lithium battery charging program, PID control program, energy management mode program, power management mode program and other functions are complex programs layered on top of the simple electrical control function.
  2. These products need the right constant CANbus messages as a heart beat to function. The speed is high at 250kBps
  3. The efficiency is high at 96%
  4. There is an internal temp sensor which will cause a power reduction if a setpoint is reached.


Scotty What does it do for you?

Safiery Scotty Wiring Install and Operation Manual


SKU CPC244830080
Shipping Weight 1.3000kg
Shipping Width 0.220m
Shipping Height 0.025m
Shipping Length 0.155m
Shipping Cubic 0.000852500m3

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