This Smart Touch Display

  • 56mm Diam with a 35mm Diam Touch Display
  • High resolution Display 330ppi
  • Comes in a brushed stanless steel or knurled finish
  • 32 Click positions and display options (no used depends on the digital switching option it is paired with)
  • CANbus controls

When used as a Battery Monitor with 12V and 48V CANbus Lithium, it displays:

  • Battery Voltage
  • Charing of Discharging Watts
  • State Of Charge %
  • Charge Current Limit
  • Discharge Current Limit

When used with Safiery Integrated Diigital Switching System:

It has digital switching capabilities:

  • Up to 20 Outputs
  • Rotate to Select then press or
  • Swipe to next screen then press

Product available November 2022


SKU SST88028001

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