Safiery Scotty Charging 400Ah Lithium Power Pack in Vehicle or Van

  • All the Power with 400Ah Lithium 
  • Will run without solar if you are driving daily
  • Relenish power FAST at up to 3000W an hour of driving
  • Up to 500A -depending on Alternator Size - available AT THE WINCH - no need for second battery or waiting for primary battery to recover while winching - just WINCH!
  • 3,000W Inverter in the canopy for 240V Power. 

Key Features, this pack with a 3,000W Inverter will power:

  • Double Hob 3000W Induction Cooktop on slideout
  • 1800W Air fryer with rotary drum – drop down door
  • 10L or 15L Stiebel Hot Water 1500W – pump from tank or Stream
  • Fridge/Freezer upright: -
  • Second Drawer Beverage Fridge:-
  • Espresso Coffee Machine
  • Ice Maker / Cold Water dispenser
  • Luxury RTT under mattress membrane heater
  • 14,000lb Winch which can operate without stopping (500A available from Alternator/Scotty)
  • Touch Gorilla Glass Screen

Electrical Power:

  • Up to 250A (3000W ) Scotty – Bi-directional 12V to 48V DC to DC Converter that runs at 96% efficiency – CANbus controlled.
  • Up to 760W Solar only 16kgs in total (Optional Priced separately)
  • Smart Solar Controller – High PV for early start late finish 1 kgs (Optional Priced separately)
  • 400Ah CANbus Lithium (12V equivalent size) only 43kgs in total -


This Safiery Power Pack includes a Specific tailored Wiring Harness to suit your space:

  • 300A Isolator
  • Fused Wiring loom to Cerbo for power
  • Solar Panel connection Incoming On/Off and Megafuse
  • Victron Data cables
  • CANbus Cables (plug n play)

All cables Lugged and with heat Shrink.

You will need a licenced electrician to check 240V wiring but note RCBO will have been tested and is pre-wired by us. 

If you are a 5/10 on the Ikea self assembly profeciency you can put this kit togther.



SKU 4WD124800405
Brand Safiery Package