Alloy Push Button with LED Surround Light

No plastic nor polyester, these switches are on 4mm solid alloy base plate with push button switch. The LED surround changes colour to blue when selected. Choose to either have a latched switch on or a momentary switch function as it is pressed.

Dual Colour Switcher Selects Alternative Colour as LED Dimmed

Compatible with Safiery Dual Colour Switcher which allows one switch to operate two different light colours. The colour changes as the LED is dimmed. For example from White to Amber or White to Blue. Create sophisticated lighting controls yet have only simple switches!


Two lines of custom engraving under each button gives a professional "factory" touch to your installation.

For volume purchases of 50 or more units, we can add your OEM brand instead of Safiery on the switch.

Dimmable LED Switches

Safiery Dimmable Alloy Switch can be used in DC 12V installations for LED lights and other devices using 12V DC with maximum 2A current load. It includes two independent buttons with DC dimming functionality for 12V LEDs.

The power source is common for both buttons. Each button independently controls one output. LED dimming is implemented on the negative circuit which reduces the power consumption as the LED dims.

Light Intensity Changes with Ambient Light

The light output changes based on the environment light sensor. During daylight LEDS will shine brighter than in the night.

Two Way, Three Way even Four Way Switching

It can be used for Two Way, three way and even 4 way switching to control one or more lights from different locations. 

Safiery Dimmable Alloy Switch:

1. Can be connected in daisy chain to operate in multiway switching.

2. Can operate in three different modes:

a. Dimming LED lights.

b. On/Off mode switching 12V on or off on outputs.

c. Push Button mode (Monostable) used for awning motor control. When the button is pressed the output is 12V and 0V when the button is released.

Each switch has two RJ10 four pins female connectors. To connect one switch with another, simply plug in the joining data cable at both ends. More than two switches can be connected in daisy chain.

The maximum overall length of the interconnecting data cable is 30m.

Power Supply

12V – 16V DC



Maximum load (Amps per Output)


Power consumption – double switch - no load on outputs

5mA to 20mA.



SKU SWC990835001

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