When we install one of our "Black Packs" with the "Safiery 4G Integrated Modem plus Antenna Plus GPS" product, you get:

  • Commissioning assistance with the install
  • Firmware updates for the "as installed" system
  • Alarm notification setup for critical items like low battery
  • GPS verification and if required geo-fence setup.
  • Setup for User on Smart Phone app.

When we commission one of our "Black Packs" with the "Safiery 4G Integrated Modem plus Antenna Plus GPS" product, you get:

SAFETY is Number One

  • Check list that 240V circuits have been tested "in situ" in compliance with AS3001 Standards.
    Confirmation is stored in on-line system.
  • Setup of "alert/alarm" on-line records of system measured safety events which can't be deleted from the on-line system at all in a 6 month period.
  • On-line alerts if safety devices not installed correctly
  • Loading the 240V circuits to 120% watching for resultant alarms/performance
  • Operating the 240V Power in circuit watching for resultant alarms/performance

As Built Records Allow Any SAFIERY Technician To Assist

  • A Photo of the "as buit" system is stored on line
  • The Fuse List numbering identifier is stored online.
  • The double termination wiring "input/output" is stored on line.
  • Commissioning notes are stored on line.

Replenishment Power:

  • SAFIERY systems are loaded with high replenishment power and this has to be witnessed while commissioning
  • For Alternator driven power, this has to be verified over the course of several days from the online data
  • For Solar power, this has to be verified over the course of many days with varying conditions from the online data
    Solar PV Max is verified as well as PV yield. Results are stored in notes for solar panel performance checks at 12 month interval(s)

Lithium Batteries:

  • SAFIERY CANbus Lithium batteries are visible with alarms and battery health on-line.
  • ZERO load test and recording confirms any parasistic loads and/or installed wiring issues.
  • Charging and discharging performance is visible with the Charge and Discharge Current Limit data available on-line for 6 months. This allows verification of Lithium battery charging performance at 20% and 100% capacity.


Safiery GOLD On-line Visible Support Contract:

  • Pre-paid 12 months in advance but can be cancelled at a months notice.
  • System is commissioned to the standards listed above
  • SIM Card is supplied by SAFIERY
  • System reports online at 15 min intervals when internet connected
  • Optional SD Card installed to capture data when no internet
  • SAFIERY Technicians are permitted to have "FULL ACCESS" to the system on line.
  • USER also has "FULL ACCESS" but agrees to not make system changes with SAFIERY's knowledge.

Services Include:

  • Operational Support which is valuable in the early stages as the user gets to know the system.
  • Initial 60-90 day review with user of any "unusual events" that have been observed
  • Firmware updates
  • Alarm setup and notification procedure
  • 240V Appliances installed and used listed on line.
  • Review of Solar performance and verification os SAFIERY signature "afternoon boost" performance.
  • Review of alternator performance.
  • Log of as discussed notes kept on line.

Recap on Why this is valuable service:

For the OEM:

  • Safety second level check
  • Assured trustworthy system.
  • Direct support from user to Safiery - no "re-telling" the story

For the End user:

  • Hassle free experience. 
  • No need to know the "in's and out's" of the electrics. Just enjoy the all electric appliances.
  • Your system is on-line with both real time AND a history of data for months.

Gold Online Visible Support Contract

  • Requires that the dedicated 4G modem and Antenna is already purchased and installed.
  • Doesnt require you to "link" Wifi or initialize operation. It just works!
  • 12 month SIM card for Telstra wide coverage.
  • Check and load firmware updates,
  • Give operational support and even do system additions.
  • Notifications from the system automatically like low battery or high inverter power.



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