12 Months Monitoring and Support Contract*

For 12 Months from Activation of the SIM card, Safiery provides these services:

Establish an on-line account using Telstra 4G Network with Australia wide coverage.

12 Months dedicated SIM card with Data purely for this support contract.

Establish monitoring and tracking of important electrical, Solar and Battery parameters.

Setup automated emails to Safiery support on critical parameters like battery voltage so Safiery is made aware of critical issues promptly.

Safiery supports you if a critical issue like flat battery occurs on how to recover and then monitor after.

Monitors Inverter overload incidents and advises.

Monitors Solar performance and advises if incidents.

Periodically updates firmware and checks on System conflicts prior to upgrade.

In complex to understand situations, makes a short video of the results and explains what is happening. This is an unlisted Video on Youtube.

Guides on changes, additions like Solar blankets or more substantial changes.

Dedicated email address for service. Phone call initiated by Safiery for support.

Requires the Customer have:

  •      Safiery 4G Plug n Play Modem
  •      Safiery 4G Extended Antenna and GPS transmitter.




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