1) Every Wonderland, regardless of length have the same dinette layout.

Therefore this configuration above can be applied to every Wonderland RV.

2) Solar is not included in the Price above because:

It is possible to reuse the solar provided by the factory

It will vary based on the van length

3) Example of Solar for Conan King's Amaroo Hornett 2200

In the picture below, the Solar PV Max in watts is shown for the two controllers on Sept 2 2021

610W + 273W = 883W as a peak output. In summer this will be higher because the sun is more overhead.

We have fitted 3 x 175W and 3 x 115W and 1 x 400W =  1270W

The yield is 883/1270 = 70% which is very good gor winter. This will run the aircon and charge the Lithium during the day.



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