Great Setup for 240V Power with Fast Replenishment

Operate a 2000W Inverter for Coffee machine, Induction, Ice maker, Air Fryer

Can replenish the power used by that in less than 1.5 hours using the Alternator Control on LC 79/ 200

One 200Ah CANbus Lithium will accept 140A charging continuously and discharge at 200A for Inverter

All CANbus control: No active shunts - just plug n play

All visible on Victron Glass Display - panel mount same form factor as Safiery switches and USB outlets

Accessible from anywhere in the world where there is internet available

Can see details of Lithium battery health and performance from anywhere over the internet for simple fast support.

Great value as cost is far less than 2 x 200Ah plus 50A DC to DC Alternative - this is heavier, slower and higher cost.

However, a second 200Ah Lithium can be added if required.

Smart solar is optional as alternator power is so great, it is only needed for longer stays when not touring.


SKU PWP122001301
Brand Safiery Package

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