Safiery 6000 Power Pack to Suit 79

  • All the Power with 400Ah Lithium is in the Dual cab - NOTHING in the tray nor canopy
  • Remove the Canopy at any time without complex wiring issues
  • Will run without solar if you are driving daily
  • Relenish power FAST at up to 3000W an hour of driving
  • 500A available AT THE WINCH - no need for second battery or waiting for primary battery to recover while winching - just WINCH!
  • Add the third 200Ah Lithium in the canopy or lose the middle seat for lithium and fridge in the dual cab.

Key Features, this pack will power:

  • Double Hob 3000W Induction Cooktop on slideout
  • 1800W Air fryer with rotary drum – drop down door
  • Instant Hot Water 6000W – pump from tank or Stream
  • Fridge/Freezer upright: -
  • Second Drawer Beverage Fridge:-
  • Espresso Coffee Machine
  • Ice Maker / Cold Water dispenser
  • Luxury RTT under mattress membrane heater
  • 14,000lb Winch which can operate without stopping (500A available from Alternator/Scotty)
  • Touch Gorilla Glass Screen

Electrical Power:

  • 250A Alternator Billet Machined Australian made
  • 250A (3000W ) Scotty – Bi-directional 12V to 48V DC to DC Converter that runs at 96% efficiency – CANbus controlled.
  • 760W Solar only 16kgs in total (Optional Priced separately)
  • Smart Solar Controller – High PV for early start late finish 1 kgs
  • 6000W Inverter – new planar transformer – only 10kgs
  • 600Ah CANbus Lithium (12V equivalent size) only 63kgs in total - 400Ah in Dual Cab behind seat. 200Ah either in canopy or in middle seat space if buckets added.
  • 6000W Instant Hot Water -German – 1.8kgs (Optional Priced separately)

Big Benefits:

  • Inverter/Lithium/Solar controller all install behind/under rear seat NOT in canopy.
  • Low weight for such a powerful package
  • Replenish batteries in around 2 hours of driving.
  • Charge the new all electric dirt bikes while driving – any voltage
  • System stores all data in the cloud and available on Smartphone anywhere there is an internet
  • 5 year warranty on all except Alternator

This Safiery Power Pack includes a Specific tailored Wiring Harness to suit 79 Series Installation:

Exact Pre-formed Cables:

  • Alternator to Battery Positive.
  • Additional Cable Battery Negative to Chassis 
  • Fused Cable from Battery Positive (after adding additional Alternator to Battery Positive) to Inverter.
  • Inverter to each 48V battery (3 x Power leads 25mm2 Positive and negative to each)
  • Smart Shunt with 12V and 48V Positive Battery sense wires.
  • Master battery On/Off with Mega Fuse Cable to Inverter Posts.
  • 2 x ANS Fuse holders one with 60A ANS fuse, one with 125A ANS fuse for 12V power out to canopy and compressor.
  • (12V power cable to tray/canopy not included as some people wont need)

Plus Additional Electrical Items:

  • Fused Wiring loom to Cerbo for power
  • Solar Panel connection Incoming On/Off and Megafuse
  • 3 x RCBO 16A and 25A one in and two out with wiring.
  • 2 x Double GPO (one each either side of seat) 15A with wiring loom.
  • Victron Data cables
  • CANbus Cables (plug n play)

All numbered to match wiring Diagram (better than our first IKEA Desk assembly)

All cables Lugged and with heat Shrink.

You will need a licenced electrician to check 240V wiring but note RCBO will have been tested and is pre-wired by us. 

If you are a 5/10 on the Ikea self assembly profeciency you can put this kit togther.

6000W Inverter/3000W (250A) Alternator Charging
As fitted to Espresso 79

Plug in the 240V lead from your caravan and run your air-conditioner for 8 hours.

There is no change to electrics in your caravan.
Recharge your aux batteries in 2~3 hours of driving

Videos of the first build for Espresso 79

Build Process Videos



We are delighted to introduce the 4WD Power Pack, engineered and developed by Safiery in Australia. Safiery is leading the pack in high-performance electrical systems. Together, Safiery and OCAM are bringing to the 4WD community what we believe is the most advanced and exciting electrical in-vehicle development in decades.

The 4WD Power Packs will be available from the 26th January 2021.  Purchases can be processed online on the OCAM 4x4 Accessories website and if you're half-handy, you can install it yourself.

Alternatively, contact Espresso 79 on Social Media , link is here, and have a chat with Andrew to understand how it all works. Andrew can also give you pricing. .

Imagine powering your fridge, air-conditioner, induction cooktop, instant hot water, air-fryer and much more, without needing to plug into the grid... 

All backed by 5-Years Warranty (Excluding Alternator), plus
a 1-Year On Line Support Contract with Safiery.


Note the Electric Supercharger is NOT included in this pack. When fitted as an additionally purchased item, it will be able to be powered by this Safiery Power Pack.


Fitting a 48VDC 6.3kw Peak Electric Supercharger to suit 79 series 4.5L V8

One of the remaining hurdles for 79 owners is "turbo lag", even on a well tuned engine. A solution to virtually eliminate this is the use of an electric supercharger. These require high power for a short time. This 5-6kW of power needs to come from a 48V battery because of the current demand and cable size. For example at 6kW, the power cable is carrying 120A approx. Whereas if it was 12V it would be 480-500A. A cable to carry this amount of current would be larger than a wrestlers forearm. Just not practical.

Consequently, a 48V power pack capable of delivering 6kW is required.
This is what is fitted into the Safiery Power Pack to suit 79 series.
During the first half of 2021, in conjunction with OCAM Industries in Melbourne, Safiery will be fitting an electric supercharger to the 4.5L V8 Toyota Engine in a near new 79 series. We dont know the exact performance outcome yet, but we do know turbo lag will be offset with an incredibley fast time to torque. 
This will be a first in Australia. Watch the development on Insta and Youtube. Subscribe to Safiery or OCAM Industries.

Why Electric Supercharger?

When the first prototype e-boosters came on the scene a few years ago, back-to-back comparisons with conventional turbochargers swiftly revealed what an improvement they made to the response of large-capacity diesels.

Until this point, the compressors, driven by an electric motor rather than exhaust gas, have only been used in short bursts before a conventional exhaust-driven turbocharger system takes over. With the advent of 48V Lithium systems, a new e-booster can be used full time, doing away with exhaust-driven turbochargers altogether.

A turbocharger is driven by the energy released from hot, expanding exhaust gases. The harder the engine is working, the more energy there is and the quicker the turbocharger responds. When the engine isn’t working so hard, there’s less energy in the exhaust and turbocharger response gets laggy. Diesels are more thermally efficient than petrol engines, so more of the fuel is converted to mechanical energy rather than heat and the exhaust releases less energy. So when a diesel is loafing around, its turbocharger system really struggles to wake up and that’s when an electric booster can fill the boost gap.

50% More power 33% Fewer MOSFETS

One of the biggest enemies of a powerful electrical system is the heat it generates and controllers for e-boosters are no exception. Because the electric motors generate high torque, controllers quickly get hot, limiting the time motors can run without a break. New 48V technology with 33% Fewer MOSFETS for motor control enables a rethink of the design of the power electronics behind the e-booster to lessen the amount of heat it generates without reducing the torque. That means it can be used full time for boosting and replace exhaust-driven turbochargers.

The new electrical architecture separates control of the motor’s revs from the amount of torque it generates. Normally, both are controlled together, but under the new regime, the amount of heat generated by the controller is dramatically reduced. Not only can the motor be run for longer but it can be run much faster than usual. Typically, e-boosters are designed to run at up to 70,000rpm before the limitations of the electronic control system kick in. With the 48V design, there are no electronic limits and 48V e-boosters have been tested at up to 120,000rpm.

The benefit of switching to pure e-boosting is appealing on several levels. Diesels produce less of the exhaust gas energy at low speeds that a turbocharger needs to work properly. Removing the turbocharger from the exhaust system means the catalytic converter can be moved closer to the engine to clean up tailpipe emissions more effectively, too. It also gets rid of the exhaust back pressure that a turbocharger causes, which ironically can be bad for fuel consumption.

Safiery 330ms Fast "Time to Torque" Superchargers

To be released in 2021 as a kit for 4.5L V8 Engines to suit 79 and 200 Series





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