Sustainable Micro-grids

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100% Renewable Energy Generation & Storage

There is zero fossil fuel used in our micro-grids.
There operate from water and sun; nothing else.

Hydrogen storage batteries are a perfect companion to solar. They store the energy produced by day which is then converted back to 240V AC at night or periods of low solar production. One of our Hydrogen batteries store 40,000wh.

Lithium batteries are also a perfect companion for solar because of very high energy storage efficiency and fast response to power demand. 

In nearly all applications, both technologies are required. Balancing these two energy storage technologies for high reliability is the goal for every project. And every project will be different in forecast solar energy and energy demand. 

High reliability of power to 99.999% can be achieved with a distributed micro-grid. A five-nines availability mandates a given service will be unavailable for no more than 5 minutes and 15 seconds a year. Four-nines: 99.99% is unavailable 52 minutes and 36 seconds per year. Three-nines: 99.9% allows 8 hours and 46 minutes of downtime per year.

When you want to eliminate your energy bill AND achieve Three Nines + availability, our Micro-grid is attractive.



We are a one-stop shop providing 10kW-50kW electricity services to anyone without a stable grid connection. We use a suite of solar-hydrogen-lithium mini-grids and hrydrogen storage to optimize power and energy for the lowest cost of operation. We can provide 400V inter-connects between 48V sub-systems for efficient redundancy. We offer hydrogen generators and energy storage to support 45,000 VA power output. These operate in the low voltage band (415V 3 Phase and 240V AC) with super high efficiency. The stored energy is a combination of hydrogen ehergy for long term storage and lithium batteries for UPS response. Our software solution helps you understand your current energy needs better, optimize and model new technologies for your customized energy needs and operate and control your microgrid for an enlighted energy future. 


Design based on Renewable Energy ONLY

Renewable power is an uncontrolled source of power, but availability can be predicted. Energy storage solves the big issue of capturing excess renewable power, storing it, and releasing when required. For commercial operations of only 5/6 days/week, there may be surplus renewable solar power on weekends. Hydrogen storage is the best long term large scale storage solution.

However, solar conversion to hydrogen is not as efficient as the 95% solar PV transfer to Lithium. Our storage solutions are a combination of lithium for fast efficient capture of solar and hydrogen for long term backup. Optimizing storage balance is a science based on weather forecasts and expected energy demand.


Design based on Data

A big percentage of installed 240V AC diesel generators are oversized and operate inefficiently at low loads, increasing fuel consumption. Generator sizing in most cases does not consider actual plant operation but uses load summation, resulting in excessive security buffers.

Sizing a 48V DC Solar Hydrogen power plant is also often based on weak data and, if at all, very short term measurements. Building a system without a full picture that considers the discrepancies between assumptions and reality can result in oversized design and false expectations about savings.


Data Analytics

Safiery’s dedicated team of engineers use data analytics to assess each customer’s energy requirements. Customers describe their lifestyle and the appliances they wish to use.  Safiery’s AI model uses this information to tailor a complete energy solution using a combination of different replenishment power sources of solar and vehicle alternators. Customers are then presented with a three-tier weather scenario and a forecast of time to go for lifestyle options.



However, it’s the monitoring of this customer after system installation that closes the loop on the theory and matches the real results to the model. None of this would be possible without accurate battery energy flow analysis and the CANbus Lithium provide this.





Link Two Sites togther for redundancy or for extended range


Link Multiple Sites with a single Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Single Solar Farm. Individual sites have selected Lithium and Inverter Size to suit needs. Only Needs Water and Sun.

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