LPG Gas Bottle

LPG Tank Level Sensor and Pre-processor

Bottle Size: 4kg to 60kg bottle. Includes "swap-n-go" gas bottles.

This sensor attaches magnetically to the bottom of a steel LPG tank

The surface needs to be clean and clear of folded paint or debris. 

The sensor has a digital output which goes to the Pre-processor.

There are 2 product variations and pricing.

  1. Simarine Pico Systems sold by Safiery include the pre-processor as part of the system
  2. Users with existing Simarine systems who dont have the pre-processor will need the product variation which includes it. The pre-processor has embedded software specifically for integration with Simarine Pico Systems.

The resultant output is 0-5V suitable for Simarine Monitoring Systems.

Calibration may be needed with a conversion to kg that matches LPG tank capacity when tank is full and fitted.

There is a new app coming from Simarine which will support the LPG tank monitoring by Safiery.

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