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Check these 3 points when purchasing Lithium:

  • CHARGE RATE - if you want a high alternator charge rate in future then each Lithium should accept at least 125A continuous charge rate. Two Lithiums will then accept 250A which is the capacity of most high power alternators.
  • DISCHARGE RATE - If you want to run a 2000W Inverter, one Lithium battery has to be capable of 200A continuous discharge rate. With 2 Lithium batteries in parallel, 100A continuous discharge rate per battery.
  • BATTERY MONITOR - It is difficult to use a voltmeter for Lithium battery capacity. Invest in a "State of Charge (SOC %)" monitor. Some have this built in as bluetooth to the battery. Simarine and Victron have glass displays.

SAFIERY has this unique technology in our CANbus controlled Lithium Systems:

  • NO SHUNTS - Easy to install. Less Cost. Less Space. Less Weight.
  • LITHIUM SETS CHARGE LIMITS - Victron charging system stays within limits set by CANbus battery.
  • LITHIUM DETAILS SEEN FROM ANYWHERE ON INTERNET - Victron system allows the CANbus Lithium (either 12V or 48V) to be seen in detail from anywhere on the internet.


These pages are from our new ebook on Lithium Batteries:


Getting the Maximum Capacity Life from Lithium Batteries



1. 100% Efficiency with Solar Panels. AGM batteries are 75%. You get more performance from your existing solar panels with Lithium batteries.

2. Deep Capacity: Run them down to 20% and sleep peacefully. Lithium loves deep cycling. Your kids will inherit the batteries before you reach the design cycle count. DONT WORRY ABOUT CYCLES. 

3. Maintenance Free: AGM batteries require your attention to make sure they are fully charged periodically to prevent sulphation. You have to be on your toes at times. This is stressfull. Not so with Lithium. Set and forget. The on-board computer does the rest.

4. Lightweight: Shed kilograms upon kilograms of dead weight. Lighter weight reduces maintenance costs and breakdowns overall.

5. Storing them at 100% for a prolonged period will reduce capacity. Do NOT use storage mode in Redarc Manager systems if storing for more than a month.

6. Parallel connect any of our batteries safely and assuredly.

Wanting to run Aircondioner from the Lithium batteries?

7. You can. If using a high capacity Lithium bank for running air-conditioners for long periods (we do up to 12 hours comfortably), it is important to have a smart Lithium Battery with CANbus control. These batteries have the battery monitor built-into the battery. The battery then gives all the information for the system to maximize capacity and reduce the risk of over-draining. Its so simple and has only 3 components. No Relays, No VSR, No spaghetti cabling.

Wanting to Install in the Engine Bay?

8. You can. Customers do this with these precautions. Always protect the side with an anti-heat transfer layer. Do NOT connect Lithium direct to the alternator without a charge controller of some type.

Wanting to Install outside the Vehicle - under a tray? Or in between the tray and the cab?

9. You can. If you run up to 1m through creek crossings then keep it above that level OR have it installed in a waterproof box. 

Wanting to use existing charging systems?

10. You can. However, gumtree those systems that have an automatic "de-sulphation" or "maintenance" mode. You cant use these. You can use BM-Pro, even the ones which say "do not use with Lithium" but check our University Post on the details. You can use nearly all the Redarc DC to DC chargers and the Enerdrive DC to DC (including the Chinese made one). However, consider by-passing the inefficient solar input in these devices and install a 98% efficient Victron Smart Solar charger. This will maximize your solar.  

Our Simplest, Lightest and Most Advanced 12V Setup

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