Dual Colour Dimmable LED

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Switch Magic and Electrifying Lights


Lighting control is the simplest to imagine. Yet, it is the most complex to implement correctly!

Our lighting solutions include:

  • ALL LED Lights are Dimmable
  • Most LED Lights are DUAL COLOUR
  • ALL LED Lights come with the option of automatically switching from one COLOUR to the other COLOUR based on the dimming level (Safiery Patented).
    This means only ONE switch is used to control and dim two light colours.
  • Most LED Lights have an on-strip high resistive load to reduce heat/energy losses
  • Our Switching solutions support dimming selected Stedi side lights to 25W
  • Our Switches support High Power LED Light Bards to 40A with Solid State Relays. (we dont supply the Light Bars)  

Slimline Diffused LED Lights with Dual Colour LEDs

Available in 400mm x 90mm Square/Round ends only 6mm Thin.

Slimline Square or Round Dual Colour LED Lights

Available in 105mm or 195mm Square/Round 8mm Thin.


For High Current Flows like 20A to 60A Light Bars




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