Lean Lithium Pack XMAS 2018 Promotion

Author: Bruce Loxton   Date Posted:25 October 2018 

Welcome to our XMAS 2018 Promotion.

To win this Prize of the first portable "Lean Lithium Pack" in Australia simply follow Safiery's Facebook Page and share the post "Saving with Multiple Lithium Batteries" on your own facebook.  The winner will be announced on December 24th, 2018. The "Lean Lithium Pack" will be shipped to you by standard commercial road freight in Australia because of Lithium restrictions. 

Safiery All-in-One Power Station

The Lean lithium Pack is an all-in-one system, combining the solar controller, inverter, lithium ion batteries and BMS.

It connects to the Safiery Automate RV App and displays Voltage, Current, State of Charge and Alarm points. All on your Smartphone.

It is perfect for outdoor camping. It's simple operation can be used by family members familiar with the plug'n'play outlets. It can easily operate an 80-100L fridge and if topped up with solar panel power into the on-board solar controller, may be kept operational for an extended period. While driving, plug the vehicle charging cable into a cigarette outlet. There is no need to have a DC to DC converter or additional features added to your vehicle!

Retail Price is expected to be A$2,000 incl GST.



1. Handle  

 2. Front door cover   

3. Operation LED (visible when door closed)  

4. State of Charge LED's  (visible when door closed) 

5. DC charging inlet 

6. Solar charge input   

7. AC adapter charge inlet 

8. DC 12V Vehicle charge input     9. DC 12V output DC12V 

10. DC 12 output DC12V     

11. AC 240V Inverter Outlet    

13. Dual DC 5V USB Charging outputs  

14. Power switch   

15. AC Port  

16. DC General Output   

17. Communication Interface

(Actual Specification may change based on final Australian approvals)

Solar panel is not included.

Fridge is not included.



Nominal Capacity


Vehicle DC Charge

Voltage: 13.5V-18V Current: 5A

Solar Charge

Minimum Solar Panel Voltage: 18V Current:<10A

AC Adapter Charge

Voltage: 13.5V Current: 6A

Inverter AC Output

Max. Continue Output Power: 400W/500W

Output Voltage: AC240V±10%

Output Waveform: Pure sine wave output frequency: 50Hz

DC12V Output

Output Voltage: DC12V±5%

Max. Output Current (Imax): 8A

USB DC5V Output

Output Voltage: DC5V±5%

Max. Output Current(Imax): 2A

Overheating protection


Heat Management 

Air cooling by fan

Protection type

Charging over current protection, low-voltage protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, overheating protection


385mm L 280mm H 150mm D



Operating temperature 

-10℃ ~ 45℃

Storage temperature range

0℃ ~ 45℃

Enclosure protection class

Closed position: IP55

Working position: IP30