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“Sustained leisure living while camping independently”

When energy and water are limited, users are conscious of over-consuming.
This can add inconvenience to a well deserved holiday.

Lifting the LPG bottle to guess the quantity remaining is a hassle.

You lose track of the time under a welcoming hot shower.

As the crema drips from the coffee machine, you keep an eye on the battery level.

Automate RV guides users to maximize independence without loss of convenience. Users develop a good understanding the “time to go” for battery, LPG and water.


“Simplicity is at the very heart of this system”

Complex energy and water usage is translated into “time to go”. Users know if they have enough energy (battery, LPG) and water for the camping period.

Automate RV uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do this. It calculates the “run rate” over periods tailored for the user.

"Having Fun"

Its easy to participate in sustainability when systems are “ fun to use”. 


Automate RV turns a battery voltage gauge or water tank level meter into a wireless, finger-tip or even voice control system.






Reducing Costs for Customization of Electrical and Multi-Media

RV Customers love to customize. Customisation is now simpler:

  • Place the wall switches where ever customers want.
  • Add second switches by the bed and cross link them in seconds.
  • Add control of sound systems easily.
  • Direct security video cameras to TV or any smart device.


Adding convenience with remote control functionality:

Running in and out of the RV is a pain. Customers love:

  • One remote to control lghting, music, air-conditioning from outside
  • Direct Video to screen and music/sound to speakers wirelessly.
  • Night “visitors” captured from “under awning” camera. 
  • Direct any streamed audio from radio, music streaming sources to any speaker, including a portable remote to take to the fireside.  

Customers love practical automation. Here are 1-2 examples:

  • “Time to go” on the Batteries/LPG bottles/water,
  • Outside BBQ lighting changes colour to yellow automatically at sunset to reduce insects,
  • Geofencing—arriving/leaving based on cell phone location. Based on this, the system can change scenes or settings.

Simplifying systems and information for customers:

When everything is working well, customers don’t want to be troubled with information. When something goes wrong, users would like:

  • One place to go to see what the problem is,
  • Easy english description of issue,
  • Easy way to self correct if possible
  • No need to call RV dealer.