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This technical article is designed to give value to the reader through more knowledge on purchasing Triple Insulated Solar Panels for iKamper.

Developed specially for Drifta

Luke from Drifta gave us the challenge of developing a lightweight reasonable capacity solar solution for the iKamper.

Drifta have the option of the iKamper fitted to their DOT off grid trailers.


The 70W Triple Insulated Solar Panels are placed side by side accross the iKamper to give 70W, 140W or 210W on top of the iKamper.

Drifta route out the underside of each Triple Insulated Polycarbonate to the profile of the iKamper.

Benefits to iKamper owners:

  • When orientated to northern sun, 140W should yield 40-50Amphrs/day; enough replenishment energy to run the fridge.
  • Cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter inside the iKamper. It has an "R factor" of 3. (means it lets through 1/3 of the heat from the sun, or lets out 1/3 of heat in winter.)
  • Cooler solar panel temperature for highest performance of an RV solar panel. (by a whopping 10degC)
  • Orientate the opened iKamper to the north for a greater solar yield.
  • Only 5.0kgs total combined weight, less than 10% of the rain loading structural requirements so no impact on the iKamper at all.
  • Solar controller has built in Smartphone App: you see battery voltage, and solar performance on the app. 
  • Easy installation can be done by Drifta Gloucester or Brendale or buy a DIY kit from Drifta online.
  • Installation video for DIY installers.

Works so easy:

Triple Insulated Solar:

  • Lightweight at 2.5kg for 70W output (Solar Panel 1.3kg, Triple Insulated polycarbonate 0.9kg, Sika to fix 0.3 kg, Alloy end caps 0.05kg)
  • Highest quality Sunpower cells giving a 20%+ yield and 70W from 1050mm x 370mm.
  • Top finish is Japanese ETFE with 5 year warranty against de-lamination or peeling.
  • Triple insulated with 3 sets of air pockets in a honeycomb UV rated polycarbonate base between the solar panel and roof
  • Has concealed optimizer and cabling
  • Fitted with an extruded leading edge to prevent driving under overhanging trees damaging front of panel
  • Has concealed airspace under for panel wiring to traverse under the second panel.
  • Isolated panel bonding from roof expansion

Installation if buying an iKamper Kit from Drifta

These are ordered directly from Drifta who prepared and bond the kits specially for iKamper.

Keep the ends of the solar panel cabling dry and insulated while installing as they will have some voltage. It is best to do the installation under cover or in the shade. Before connecting the solar panels to the solar controller, cover the panels to reduce the solar output. The power from the panels in this state is very small and presents no danger to the DIY installer.

Drifta rout out the polycarbonate underneath to match the profile of the iKamper. You MUST specify the model as there are 2 profile shapes.

They ship the pre-assembled solar kit to you.

You (or your installer) would then place on iKamper as a dry fit to ensure the profile is good. If good then proceed to install on iKamper with just the Sikaflex252. Remember that weights are need to keep pressure on the Solar panel kits as the SikaFlex252 bonds for a 24 hour period.

Wait at least 48 hours after curing before travelling at speed.

Download the iKAMPER test Sheet by clicking on test sheet image:

​Read the Details in this 28 page eBook

GRID FREE WITH SOLARtriple insulated solar panels with extruded alloy protection edges

Read and Download the eBook

Kit includes:

  • 2 x 70W Triple Insulated Solar
  • 1 x Victron 100/10 Smart Solar Controller
  • 1 x Double Andersen Plug connector for existing drop down battery connector to iKamper
  • 1 x Smartphone app
  • 1 x Test process and test sheet for iKamper
  • 1 x SikaFlex 252 Tube for DIY installers
BUY with confidence from:
  • Drifta Online (availability March 2019)
  • Drifta Gloucester walk-in to install (book ahead-availabile March 2019)
  • Drifta Brendale walk-in to install (book ahead-availabile March 2019)

Prices are:

  • Standalone 70W kit (excludes Sika) $380 Incl GST
  • Routed kit for iKamper  (excludes Sika) $430 incl GST each

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