5kw Power from Water  - Hydrogen Battery and Sustainable Generator

This is made in Australia by @lavo and Safiery has one on order. It is compatible in voltage with Safiery’s 48V systems.

It produces up to 5kw of power at 48v from water feeding a hydrogen fuel cell. It even purifies the water so Coomera tap is fine. When a solar array is connected, it will charge and store energy up to 40kwh. This is the future for sustainable power: Solar and water. Safiery will assure 48V system purchasers of compatibility and ease of integration.  Visit our micro-grid category to learn more of the future in Australian developed sustainable technology. 



  • Mechanical
    • Dimensions (HxWxD)
      1680 x 1240 x 400 mm
      196 kg
      Hydride Vessels
      4 vessels
      Max System Pressure
      35 barg
      Vessel Weight
      32 kg
      Total Installed Weight
      324 kg
      Floor Mount / Outdoors
  • Performance
    • Usable Capacity
      40 kWh
      Real Power
      5 kW (charge and discharge)
      Nominal Voltage
      48 V DC
      Output Voltage Range
      45 – 53 V DC
      Hydride Cycles
      > 20,000
      Hydride Warranty
      10 years
      Hydride Lifetime
      30 years
  • Connections
    • Water Supply
      Potable Mains Water / LAVO™ water purification unit
      Local WiFi / Ethernet / 4G / 5G
  • Environmental
    • Operational Temperature Range
      -10° to +50° C
      Recommended Temperature Range
      5° to 45° C
      Environmental Humidity Range
      3 to 100% RH
      Maximum Elevation
      2000 m
      Noise Level
      < 45 dB
      Enclosure Protection Rating


SKU HYD500040000
Brand Safiery Package

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