Food and Coffee Vans

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We have experience with many food and coffee vans.

  • Espresso Machines up to 3.2kW
  • Grinders to 1.2kW
  • Warming Ovens
  • Ice Cream Machines - Gelmatic
  • Ice cream machines - Aerowhip
  • Fridges
  • Hot Water systems at high temperature 85C

You can operate with NO GENSET

  • Scotty Charges at up to 2500W per hour if Alternator big enough
  • Lithium batteries can be replenished off 240V very,very quickly (if split runs)

Sprinter Food/Ice Cream/Bakery Van


Two Typical Performance Expectations. These match the two Package Prices below:

Email us for your specific energy analysis and requirements.

9600Wh of Lithium (800Ah at 12V)

The way to read these charts is to look at Column 6 "No of hours idling". This shows how many hours the vehicle needs to be idling for the scenario in each row. So in first example, in a 10 hour shift, the vehicle would need to be idling for 5.6 hours to return home at the end of 10 hour shift and have 20% battery capacity in reserve.

Adding solar to Van is very good for Summer Work

This is same example above but with added 2 x 400W Solar

14000kWh of Lithium (1200Ah at 12V)

The Best Setup is to have a secondary Alternator which is easy to do with Sprinter V6 Diesel

In this example for a 10 hour shift, the engine only has to idle for 1.9 hours and still there is 20% battery in reserve.

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