AGM or Lithium Start & Lithium Auxiliary - No Inverter

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Each Battery from November 2021 Shipment on is Bluetooth
Total Lithium Capacity in Engine Bay 120 Ah 240Ah 135Ah 270Ah
Alternator is protected by BMS YES YES YES YES
Lithium Battery Charging protected by BMS YES YES YES YES
Max Charging Rate from Alternator 60A 120A 65A 130A
Max Discharge Rate for an Inverter 120A 240A 150A 300A
Installed in Engine Bay YES YES YES YES
Battery Size 260Lx170Wx208H Two 305Lx169Wx210H Two
Weight 13kgs 26kgs 14kgs 28kgs

In Each of the Product Packages:

  • Alternator is protected by Victron BMS
  • Lithium Battery is Protected by Victron BMS
  • Charging Mega Fuse included and if Inverter Compatible model selected then second Mega Fise Included.
  • Safiery Engine Bay Module for BMS Control included. Note the pack WILL NOT OPERATE without this.

To add Solar which charges at the same time as Alternator and is independent:

  • Victron Smart Solar Controller - Same Bluetooth App as Alternator Charging BMS select 15A, 20A , 30A or 50A.
  • Solar on Cab Roof Rack: Victron glass 140W is 1250 mm x 668mm, 175W is 1485mm x 668mm
  • Safiery Portable Solar: 250W, 300W or new 350W Coppoer Flex Portable

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