NOTE ONLY 1 x 135Ah Lithium included in this package - photo above shows two. Inverter is not included in this pack.

Bluetooth Connected Smart Device

This Victron Smart BMS protects the alternator (and wiring), the lithium batteries and supplies up to 200A in any DC load (including inverters and inverter/chargers).

Can be used as a system on/off switch.


Battery Protection

This function is similar to a Smart Battery Isolator.

  • Current can flow to the Lithium battery only if the input voltage (= voltage on the starter battery) exceeds 13V.
  • Protect the Lithium battery against excessive charge current which is important when the Lithium battery is at a low state of charge.


Alternator Protection

  • Unless a maximum charge current is set, most 12V alternators will overheat and fail if running at maximum output at idle for more than 5-10 minutes.
  • The input current limit is set using Bluetooth and then placing the matching fuse recommended from the Bluetooth app.
  • The maximum charge rate is 100A.


Inverter charger output-input

  • This 200A Power M8 lug can be used to either charge or discharge the Lithium battery (i.e. via a charger, an inverter or inverter/charger) with a maximum continuous current of 200A in both directions.
  • Can also be used as a load output, thus DC loads can be connected directly to this port. The port is short-circuit protected with a peak discharge current of 400A.
  • The Smart BMS will enable charging through this port using a 240V AC Charger. The charger must have Lithium charging profile.


Remote System on/off

  • This can be done using a switch OR
  • Using Bluetooth App
  • This can be configured for just the alternator or the entire system


Safiery Engine Bay Controller

  • Controlls the Smart BMS for Safiery Lithium Batteries
  • Controlls the Smart BMS for Alternator Only Connection with Lithium Start Battery
  • This System WILL NOT WORK without this proprietary module 


SKU LIB135X112V701

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