Available in Two Models with Variations


  Classic Switch Smart Switch
Alloy Body in Matt Black or Satin Silver Yes Yes
4 Channel Switch that latches on when pressed Yes Yes
Switch Dims as you hold the button Yes Yes
Douuble press button turns LED high at any tme No Yes
Momentary Outputs instead of latched outputs (raise lower, in/out control) No Yes
Operates Devices like Pumps, heater control, LED light bars Yes Yes
Dual Control from two identical switches to one set of 4 channel outputs No Yes
Can be operated by Remote Key Fob up to 40M away without any other devices No Yes
Electrical Connection to devices to be switched At the switch rear Plug At the Smart IO Board connected by RJ45 cable


Matt Finished Alloy Slimline 4 Channel Switch

Classic Switch: Engraved Buttons on Left and Stick-on Labels on Right

The Backlit Classic Switch:

  • Alloy switch body
  • Matt Black or Satin Silver
  • Surround trim compliments Simarine Display
  • 4 Channel Switch
  • Backlit LED turns blue when touched
  • Haptic Feedback when touched
  • Backlight display can be turned off for perfect "no light at night"

Three Model Variations:

  1. Stick-on Black Labels. Names selected from enclosed sheet.
  2. Custom Engraved Labels: Two lines, 7 characters per line.
  3. IP65 Coated control board for Marine applications with Custom Engraved Lavels

Easy to Install

  1. Fit into cut-out with either Spring Clips or C-bracket if you can access behind switch.
  2. Wire 12V Power to switch
  3. Wire the devices to be controlled direct to Switch

NO Programming required:

  • Out of the box installation
  • Dim LED's out of box
  • Affordable package

The Classic Switch has:

  • 10A Channels
  • Fused Outlets
  • Supply 12V Positive power directly if required.


Row of Smart Switches in Expedition Vehicle

Each Smart IO controls up to 4 channels for swing control, device power and Lights


  1. Install the Smart Switch on the dash/ console. Install the Smart I/O Board close to the point of action.
  2. Connect an RJ45 Cat5 cable into the Switch at rear and Smart I/O Board. (Using the 4 pair of wires, not using as a data cable)
  3. Wire the devices to be controlled direct to Smart I/O Board outputs.

NO Programming required:

  • Out of the box installation
  • Can be added to with additional modules at a later date
  • Affordable package of around $300 retail for Switch and SmartI/O and Wireless Ready.

The Backlit Easy Touch panel:

  • 4 Channel Switch
  • Backlit LED comes on when output is turned on (not just because it is touched)
  • Dims the LED lights and holds the dimmable value in memory so when the light is turned on again, it returns to the last dimmable memory position.
  • Surround trim compliments Simarine Pico Display
  • Can have multiple displays for one set of devices (eg: bed and in kitchen)

Silver or Black Anodized Alloy

Remote Control with Smart KeyFob

Six buttons allow you to control Safiery Smart Switches. If you have multiple switches, the remote can access different points on multiple switches.

There is a limit of 6 Points of control per remote. 

The Keyfob is pre-programmed by Safiery when the Smart Switch is ordered.

Changes can be made by sending the Keyfob and Smartswitch base back to Safiery.

Range of up to 50m outdoors, 40m indoors

Compact: 70 x 38 x 15 mm 

128bit Encypted Security

  • Supports Secure Wireless Mesh Security Mode with AES-128 encryption. 
  • Built-in locking system will ensure that unauthorized person will not take control of your RV, Boat or 4WD.
  • KeyFob can be protected and "locked" with a sequence of 2 to 5 button clicks.

Why are these Switches Smart?

  • The operation of the switch consumes 0.01A per button. This is with the LED lit!
  • Simply plug-on different controllers to change from 12V device/LED operation to motor control for awning and slide-outs.
  • Switch signal from switch button to the Smart IO is on the negative wire. Very low voltage, no need for fusing.
  • LED feedback around the switch labeled button comes from the output of the Smart IO board. It is NOT just a confirmed input LED. So if the feedback LED is lit but the external light is not coming on, the actual LED or LED connection has failed.
  • The feedback LED is fed from the negative connection. This means no need for fusing and ultra-low power consumption.
  • Taking power off and then back on to the Smart IO and Switch will return it to the state it was before the power was taken off. No need to fiddle with a microprocessor.
  • When operating in wireless mode, the switch LED is synchronized to show the same state that the wireless control has created.
  • With the secure wireless mesh hub, program logic and scenes into all the switches from your smartphone.

Slimline Diffused LED Lights with Dual Colour LEDs

Available in 400mm x 90mm Square/Round ends only 6mm Thin.

Slimline Square or Round Dual Colour LED Lights

Available in 105mm or 195mm Square/Round 8mm Thin.

Smart I/O Boards

Available in switch or motor control- Comes as part of switch module.

​The Smart I/O Board has:

  • 4 Channels:
    3 x10A; 1x2A LED only
  • Fused Outlets 
    (3 x 10A, fuses included, 2A for LED)
  • Supply 12V Positive power directly if required. 
    Use common negative.
  • DIN rail clip fitted
  • 55mmW  80mmH 55mmD
  • Comes with Phoenix 16A rated plug and RJ45 plug

For High Current Flows like 20A to 60A Light Bars

The Smart I/O Board is called Smart as it has a microprocessor controller that:

  • Will take the momentary touch inputs from the switch and return a backlit LED to the switch so the user knows the device is activated.
  • Dims the LED lights and holds the dimmable value in memory so when the light is turned on again, it returns to the last dimmable memory position.
  • Retains status of outputs in memory; returns to this status after power failure.
  • Has non-volatile memory that is not effected by power failure.
  • Is pre-programmed so that no programming is required by the Installer/user for 4 segment switch use.
  • Is a 256 bit encrypted device.
  • Complete with secure wireless functionality. Can be 
  • accessed by remote wireless control when Secure Wireless Controller is added to the system. Limited programming is required for this.
  • With the secure wireless functionality, can be accessed by Smartphone. Minimal programming is required for this.
  • With Global Connection module and secure wireless functionality, can be accessed from anywhere that there is Internet access. This connection is highest level of security.

The Smart I/O Board can be accessed by Smartphone app after secure wireless controller is added to environment:

  • Simply add the Secure Wireless Mesh controller to the environment. It only needs 12Vdc power.
  • This controller has both a Secure Wireless Network AND Wifi access for a Smartphone
  • Open the App and operate the devices. When you do this from the Smartphone, the LED’s on the Easy Touch switch will match the setting including dimming.

The Smart I/O Board is patented by Safiery.