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Projecta IDC 25L

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Perfectly matched 25A Lithium DC Charger by  Brown and Watson International, owners of the PROJECTA Brand.

  • 25A continuous charge from vehicle while running
  • DC Charger intelligently recovers batteries after Low Voltage cut out with "soft start trickle, soft start medium" then full charge current as recovery voltage increases. "Just Brilliant - and Bullet-Proof".
  • 94% Charging Efficiency from built-in MPPT Solar controller up to 360W solar
  • When matched with Bluetooth Lithium battery: Notifications on Smartphone app

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Operating Conditions 


Alternator Input Voltage 


Maximum Solar Input Voltage 


Maximum Input Current 


Input Current (No Load) 


Back Drain on Auxiliary Battery 

9.5 – 10.5mA 

External LED Output – Constant Current 

4 mA 

Output Current 

Input 9–11Vdc: 20A Input Input 11V–32dc: 25A 

Input Fuse Rating 

50A (Not supplied) 

Output Fuse Rating 

50A (Not supplied) 

Maximum Output Power 


Solar Input Turn On Voltage 



149 x 122 x 42 mm 



Operating Temperature (Derated from 55oC) 

-10 to +80oC (Ambient Temperature) Suitable for mounting in engine bay.

Charge Mode 

5 Stage

Bulk *20A at 9-11Vdc, 25A at 11-32Vdc 

*Constant Current up to: 14.5V 


Constant Voltage until current drop to 2.5A 14.5V 


Keep Constant Voltage at 13.5V 

Lithium Battery Recovery Mode

Constant 1.25A if 2V< Auxiliary Battery Voltage<8V

Constant 6.25A if 8V< Auxiliary Battery Voltage <10V

Power Supply Mode 



Constant 13.8V (current limited to 25A) 

Battery Range 


Battery Capacity 


Type of Batteries Supported 

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) 

Operating Mode 


12V Vehicle 

24V Vehicle 

VSR Mode – Default (Ignition Override Not Connected) 

Turn on 13.4-20V 

Turn off <12.8V 

Turn on 26.8-32V 

Turn off < 25.6V 

Low Voltage Mode – Ignition Override cable connected to ignition switch (ignition on) 

Turn on 12.2-20V 

Turn off <11.9V 

Turn on 24.4-32V 

Turn off <24V 




C-Tick, AS/NZS CISPR11:2011 Class B 

IP Rating 



Datasheet on Projecta 25L Lithium DC to DC Charger


12 Volt 125Ah Battery

3000 cycle and 8 year design life lithium batteryWeight Savings

  • LiFePO4 Chemistry
  • Robust, rugged construction
  • Waterproof and able to be place on side
  • Designed for 3,000 cycles with 80% Depth of Discharge, 8 Year life to 80% capacity
  • Half the weight and up to four times the service life of an AGM battery
  • Compatible with most existing AGM based charging systems.(except those with auto de-sulpation mode)
  • Great for caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, boats, yachts, off grid systems.
  • Patented Battery Management System (BMS) with power terminal cut-off and recovery, cell balancing and low voltage/over voltage protection, short-circuit protection
  • Patented standby and Auto-start modes to increase battery life
  • Operate at 80% depth of discharge (DOD) for consistent, reliable power output

Deep Cycle batteries have a patent pending Battery Management System (BMS) with additional power terminal cut-off and recovery features to ensure that your battery will work every time. The BMS protects the cells from damaging themselves and significantly prolongs the life of the battery. Deep Cycle batteries, the energy storage solution that you can rely on.

Special Features of SAFIERY LITHIUM Batteries

Special Bluetooth connection

Designed for multiple sets



QUESTIONS on DC to DC and Safiery Bluetooth Lithium Batteries

Q. What are the recommended Cable Sizes? 

A. Cable sizes are shown on the drawings below:



Full System

Q. Is the IDC25L waterproof? 

A. The Projecta IDC25L is designed to be dust and weather proof. Normal use including river crossings and light engine washing will not pose any problem. Direct high pressure washing of the IDC25L unit or submersion for a period of time may cause some water damage and will not be covered under warranty. 

Q. Why do the positive cables from the batteries need to be fused? 

A. High Capacity batteries can produce large amounts of power and are capable of melting cable insulation and catching fire in the case of a short circuit. Each positive (+) cable connected to the battery must be protected by a fuse. 

Q. Is the charger safe to use with modern ‘electronic’ vehicles? 

A. The Projecta IDC25L has been designed to work with all vehicles, especially new vehicles with EFI and computer management systems. The charger utilises sophisticated electronics that ensures complete safety for you and your vehicle. 

Q. How do I know if the battery is charged? 

A. On the DC to DC: Charging LED is in Solid Green and Lithium LED is in Solid Blue. 
B: On the Bluetooth App: SOC will read 100%


Q. What if the ‘OUTPUT LED’ does not come on? 

A. Most probably a flat battery. Do not worry, it happens if a small amount of power is used for a long time, for example a map reading light is left on for a week or more. The IDC25L is designed to charge a “flat” Bluetooth Lithium.

B. Check the Safiery app: SOC will be at Zero% and low voltage alarm may be on.

C. Set DC to DC to “power supply mode”. In this mode with a flat battery, the DC to DC does a soft start to protect the battery. In less than an hour it should be up and running. Switch back to normal mode and you are back on track. 

Q. Why is there no output at the charger’s terminals? 

A. The charger incorporates short circuit protection that makes it much safer to use. For this reason the charger will only output power when properly connected to a battery.


Brand Projecta
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