Double Black Case fits in single rear seat position on current model LC200 
Image shows big brother with 600Ah and 5,000W Inverter. However, this pack looks similar with one less battery in lower case.

  • Just simply remove the rear single seat. Removes approx 25kg weight.
  • Keeps the Power Pack weight well forward, reducing load on rear axle compared to cargo area systems.
  • Dimensions: 600 L x 450 W x 550 H
  • Weight: approx 80kgs

Typical Energy Analysis. This is a guide, we do specific analysis for each customer.


3,000W Inverter Charger

  • This high powered unit is slected as it can provide power to a plugged in caravan.
  • Plug site power into the 15A inlet in the case and then plug the caravan into the 15A outlet in the case.
  • Change the AC current load input on inverters in the van if you have one
  • 100% smooth cutover should site power be disconnected from vehicle, van will cntinue as if nothing happened.
  • Charges at a rate of 1,750W ( 150A in 12V equivalent) so will charge the on board Lithium in 2.5 hours from 10% to 100%
  • 5 year warranty

400Ah CANbus Lithium Batteries

  • This is 2 x 200Ah (12V equivalent size) Lithium batteries
  • CANbus so battery details are visible on line with temperature, alerts and health and 16 other parameters 
  • High end pouch lithium - not a compilation of cells
  • 5 year warranty
  • 21kg each
  • Master Isolator for all batteries

Scotty charging up to 3,000W

  • With the 250A Alternator fitted, Scotty will extract up to 3,000W
  • Digital high frequency planar transformer, 96% efficient
  • Output circuit protected (can drop a spanner accross the outputs nd it just stops, lift spanner, it restarts
  • Uses less than 80mA in standby
  • Bi-directional so passes power from 48V Lithium to 12V accessories when engine not operating
  • Supplies up to 250A at 12V which when combined with 250A Alternator provides up to 500A for winch
  • No need to have a second 12V battery in engine bay
  • 5 year warranty

240V Power

  • RCBO protected 15A power inlet in case. Plug lead in and drop through rubber seal on rear door. Should close.
  • RCBO Double Pole 2 x 10A GPO for cooking and other devices in rear of LC.
  • RCBO protected 1 x 15A GPO for caravan input lead from van.

Solar Power

  • Choice of 150/35 Smart Solar for 2 x 250W Portable Solar (Portable solar additional price) of 100/20 Smart Solar
  • Double Pole Australian compliant solar breakers for high voltage solar input
  • Andersen input

12V Power

  • Up to 3 switched 12V Anderson outputs. Custom engraved labels
  • Up to 250A available: Double compressor is 60-100A depending on brand
  • Smart Battery Protect included to protect 12V circuits
  • 5 year warranty

USB / Phone Charging

  • 2 x 2.4A USB - suitable for tablets as well as smartphones
  • 1 x Type C for Smartphones at 15W
  • 1 x Quick charge - tablets at 15W

4G and GPS Connectivity

  • Dedicated 4G connection keeps system up online when internet available
  • Dedicated 4G Antenna with Band 28 specially for Australian outback with Telstra
  • Dedicated GPS included in Antenna. Reports position AND tracks.
  • Safiery Gold Online Support additional price (approx $1/day)
  • 5 year warranty

Touch Screen Gorilla Glass 5 inch

  • Shows power flow between connected devices including Scotty
  • Touch to turn inverter/charger on/off
  • Can show optional tank levels for long range fuel/ or water
  • 5 year warranty

Video of big brother 600Ah 5,000W


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