DAB stands for “Digital Audio Broadcasting”. 

DAB uses digital technology, which allows broadcasters to package various stations together through something called “multiplexing”. 

A multiplexed radio station can broadcast across single frequency networks, so it’s much more efficient.

DAB gets AAC+ encoding, which makes it capable of delivering higher-quality audio at lower bitrates.

Is DAB radio replacing FM?

A lot of people assume DAB radio systems will replace AM and FM radio.

Because of significant energy savings to the broadcaster, it is sure to happen. Norway has already replaced FM radio entirely.

Transmissions from a DAB digital radio are made up of ones and zeros. There are no frequency bands to identify specific channels. This means the same signal can be sent out several times, giving your radio more chances to pick it up. DAB radio is therefore more reliable than FM. 

DAB radio is more reliable than FM, but the technology behind digital radio has other benefits too. For instance, stations can send out more information than just audio. 

Within a DAB radio signal, a radio station can deliver the name of the show you’re listening to, and the title of the song playing. DAB signals can even send pictures sometimes. 

If you’re the kind of person who likes to track down new music over the radio, DAB signals ensure you know who you’re listening to. Plus, DAB radio signals also work around obstacles between you and your transmitter, like large buildings. 

This makes it easier to pick up and keep the frequency.

Automatic tuning: Finding the perfect position on your radio dial for a station can be a nightmare. With DAB digital radio, you can tune into channels automatically. It’s much easier to find the audio you want. 

Better audio quality: Because you’re not struggling to find the best signal with a DAB radio, you can often access a better quality of audio. The sound just gets better if you upgrade to DAB+ too, thanks to the enhanced codecs. 

Extra features: Most of the top DAB radio options on the market today come with a bunch of bonus features, like Wi-Fi for online streaming. You can also use your DAB radio to check information like which channel you’re listening too. 



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