Custom RV Creations

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Technical Information:
Wiring and Module Details
-22 pages

Sensor Information
Wiring and Module Details
-26 pages


  • 6 x battery banks with "Real-Time Battery Health ™" (monitors current, voltage and temperature),

  • 6 x battery voltages (12V, 24V),

  • 14 tank levels on voltage or resistance,

  • 10 temperatures,

  • 24 individual current monitor,

  • one inclinometer with pitch and roll.

The PICO has a barograph display that determines and displays precise air pressure information regarding  and the current trend.

Application Page for typical 4WD configuration

  • This application gives you all the monitoring information you should need for a 4WD. The current measuring will handle DC to DC and solar power measuring. The voltage inputs will take inclinometer and battery inputs. The 4 temperature inputs will take 4 shock absorber temperature inputs. The Pico "One" will only talk to one device.


HEALTHY ALARMSSAFIERY University on Alarm Management


  • Those that signal a "pre-condition"; to give you time to control the situation. 

  • Those that signal a problem to react to!

  • Those that signal a "healthy" condition; to allow change in operation.

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HALVE BATTERY COSTSSAFIERY University on Battery Management

  • Lower discharge (DOD) > longer life

  • 2X batteries in parallel > low DOD.

  • Temp and SOC Storage > longer life

Read the details here...

BENEFITSSAFIERY University on Battery Management

3000 cycle and 8 year design life lithium battery
  • Half the weight,

  • Twice the capacity,

  • 4 times cycle life.

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Safiery University

LOWEST INSTALL COSTSSAFIERY University on Battery Management

Lowest Installation Costs

  • Lowest count of “connections”.

  • Twisted pair communication cable

  • Configure, "save" with a smartphone.

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FLEXIBLE INSTALL OF SHUNTSSAFIERY University on Battery Management

Shunt Install on Positive Size

  • Faster cabling to shunts.

  • Use positive leg for devices

  • Total shunt current using smartphone.

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3 Years Manufacturers Warranty

2 Years Lithium Warranty


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