One of the biggest challenges with flexible solar is quality of installation.

We saw multiple installation done wrong impacting the life of the flexible panels and frustrating customers.

So we went in search of a bullet proof flexible solar panel that can easily be installed without impact product life.

Copperflex 100W Flexible Solar

The difference in this technology is the sold copper sheet at the back of the panel and the patented way it connects the anod and cathode of the panel. This eliminates the tiny intercell wires that "pull" apart as flexible panels expand and contract with heat.

5 Year Warranty

Lets get the good news out early. We are so impressed with this Copperflex technology that we support a 5 year warranty on the panels.

Perfect Voc for 12V, 24V or 48V Systems

Running 2 panels in series is a Voc of 66V. Perfectly matched to Victron's Smart Solar 75/15 controller. 

Running 3 panels in series is a Voc of 98V. Perfectly matched to Victron's Smart Solar 100/Series controller. 

Running 4 panels in series is a Voc of 133V. Perfectly matched to Victron's Smart Solar 150/Series controller. Run strings in parallel for multiples of 4 if using 24 or 48V.

Running 6 panels in series is a Voc of 200V. Perfectly matched to Victron's Smart Solar 250/ Series controller. Run strings in parallel for multiples of 6 if using 24 or 48V..

Three Things that give Outstanding Solar Performance on a Sailing Cat


High reliability

The conductive back plate uses two-dimensional bonding technology, no welding.The front fluorine back plate has passed the strict environmental testing multi-times with excellent attenuation characteristics 

High heat dissipation

The backplate is a whole sheet of copper foil. Better strength but just as important is better heat dissipation. 

Light, thin and flexible

The module is only 1.4mm, the weight is only 1.4kg, and the bending radius is as small as 250 mm over its length.
he thinness and lightness are leading the industry. 

Designed specifically for RVs and Marine

Built-in bypass diode, suitable for scenes where the RVs and boats move and change. It can still generate power in a shady environment at reasonable efficiency. 

High efficiency

MWT back contact battery module, no busbar, higher module efficiency, size per 100W is only 520-1070mm. 

German TUV certification

One of the few TUV certified flexible solar panels designed for RV in China.

Environmentally Friendly

Lead free materials only used. Supports the green photovoltaic design concept, realizing the lead-free module process and materiais. 


1474mm x 590mm x 1.7mm


 36 (3x12) / MONOCRYSTAL- PERC Cells of 162.75mm



Voc and  I sc

24.45V  and 5.31A

Vmp and Imp

20.12V and 5.01A


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