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Completely pre-package and ready to be installed, this power pack plugs the inverter onto the side of the main black case. There is a wide range of customized choices. Position the battery where it suits. Wire to the fridge, lights, pump, compressor, USB outlets and other devices. Run the 240V cable through a protected conduit to any number of 240V outlets. Run Andersen plugs.

Never Have a Flat Battery Again:

A unique feature is the Smart Battery Isolation with manual over-ride. From your smartphone set the battery level to disconnect devices;

1) Set the system to disconnect the Inverter first...

2) Then et a different level to disconnect the 12V devices connect at low battery.

In addition there is manual override: The 12V system load (all devices wired into the Blue heeler pack) can be turned on/off with your Smartphone by bluetooth. Even when turned off, the Smart Solar and DC to DC controllers will continue to charge. There is also a compact switch at the bottom of the case on the RHS that does the same. This switch also isolates the Inverter.

There is a standard pair of cases: One housing all the 12V Victron charging devices and one dedicated to the 240V 2000W Smart Inverter.

Choice of Monitor: Victron Smart Bluetooth or Simarine.

Choice of switches: Classic / Smart / Breaker switches.

Choice of fusing: Standard ATC or resettable ATC.

Choice of switch labelling: As standard select from a range of pre-engraved buttons or custom laser your own words.

Choice of Lithium Batteries: The 100Ah Clark Kent is designed to sit vertically on the wall on either side. It is the same length as the height of the main case and connects with 180A rate Amphenol IP67 Connectors on the lower side. It is 250mm wide and 100mm Deep. This battery can provide 150A continuous and will operate the 2000W Inverter powered appliances continuously. A Second battery can be added for 200Ah in parallel.

The 125Ah and 200Ah Bluetooth Lithium batteries would usually be placed below the main case. The 200Ah Lithium will will operate the 2000W Inverter powered appliances continuously. Two x 125Ah Lithium are required to operate the 2000W Inverter powered appliances continuously.

The Configuration of this Blue Healer Victron Bluetooth Package is:


Package Components


Dual Layer Modular Terminal Block Designation


Main Case


40A Breaker

Connection to remote Compressor


Victron Smart 30A Vehicle DC to DC


50A Breaker

Connection to remote Vehicle Alternator


Victron Smart Solar 100V Max from roof / 20A to Battery


30A Fuse

Connection to remote Andersen Plug


Victron Smart Battery Monitor and Shunt plus Second Battery Input - All Bluetooth
or Simarine Pico System with SC301 Shunt and SCQ25T Comb Shunt - All WiFi


20A Fuse

Connection to remote Solar Panel


Victron Smart 2000W Inverter


10A Breaker

Connection to remote Water Pump


Safiery 100Ah Clark Kent or 200Ah Bluetooth or 2 x 125Ah Bluetooth Lithium


15A Breaker

Connection to remote Other Device (Like Travel Buddy)




10A Breaker

Connection to remote Fridge


Black Dual  GPO


15A Breaker

Connection to remote DC Outlets USB


Victron Mega Fuse Holder


10A Fuse

Top Left Switch Device


Mega Fuse 300A


10A Fuse

Dimmable Light LED 1


Smart Battery Isolation with manual over-ride


10A Fuse

Dimmable Light LED 2


Safiery Blue Breakers 10A


10A Fuse

Dimmable Light LED 3


Safiery Blue Breakers 15A


5A Fuse

Simarine System Power


Safiery Matt Alloy Classic Switch


5A Fuse

Power for all Sensors


Safiery Matt Alloy Smart Switch



Tank Capacity  Input


40A Compressor Breaker



Fridge Temperature


50A Vehicle DC to DC Breaker



Cabin Temperature


Wago Modular Fuse Termination





Double Row Terminations





Amphenol Connectors Large 180A





Amphenol Connectors Medium 120A





Managed Wiring Harness Design and Build





Managed Wiring Harness Materials





Laser Cut Treatment





Matt Black Wrap





Blue LED Internal Light





Dual USB 2.4A and Cig Outlet




1 12V System On/Off Switch (Solar and DC to DC continues to charge as unlike other systems, Victron doesnt need a battery voltage to start the charging process.





  1. Customize the wrap – colour code to vehicle or choose a graphic image

Aussie Flag, Favourite sunset, Favourite drinks brand, favourite band… just send to us..

  1. Locate Switches on side infill or side of fridge cabinet. Smart Switches are just 10-20mm thin.

Smart Switch can be up to 10m away and multiple switches to the one I/O Block for Dual control.

  1. Upgrade Classic Switch to Smart Switch with customized labels. Add one more 4 channel switch.

Up to 2 rows of 7-8 characters per label laser engraved.
Additional switches can be added.

  1. Add Dual or Three way control from additional Smart Switches that use only RJ45 connector.

Same Switch alloy block on Drivers Side and Passenger side. Turn Lights on one side and off at the other.

  1. Add Slimline Dual Colour LED's with auto-cutover colour switcher from Smart Switch.

Slimline 6mm thin 400mmL and 90mm Wide with centre downlight. Altogether 3 LED’s in one light.

  1. Add Keyfob Wifi Remote control (40m range because Wifi)

With Smart Switch, add keyfob for remote control up to 40m away with secure wireless mesh.

  1. Customize breaker switch size between 10A and 15A.

Mix and Match, even upgrade later if fridge changes.

  1. Add 240V GPO’s in multiple locations.

No limit to location or number. All protected by RCBO in case.

  1. Add Inclinometer (installed inside case)

With a roof top tent, you can get truly level reading for good night’s sleep

  1. Add 240V AC 30A charger (240V cable comes from bottom of case)

If parked in a garage for some time, keep the Lithium batteries in storage mode with Victron Smart AC 30A charger

  1. Upgrade inverter to Inverter charger 3000W

If you want to run a bigger induction dual hob cooktop at 3000W then take the upgrade.

  1. Upgrade inverter to Smart Hybrid 48-12v Inverter Charger

For a totally electric setup, our hybrid option is great for 400Ah Lithium upwards. Less space and lower cost.

  1. Add WiFi remote control of compressor and airbags

New Feature will be available soon.

  1. Upgrade Smart Solar up to 50A charger

Mega Solar possible

  1. Add a second Clark Kent 100Ah Lithium for a total of 200Ah. One can be in Canopy, one in the Tray.

Slick second 100Ah Lithium can be in the tray.

  1. Add Safiery High Panel Voltage 250W Portable Solar for Early Start, Late Finish.

Easy addon for high camping power.

  1. Add a Smart Induction Cooktop: Single Round or Dual Hob 2000W Inverter Matched

3 models to choose from, all “in-built” and matched to Inverter.

  1. Add Ice Maker 1.8L or 3.2L 9 cubes in 6 minutes

2 Models to choose from

  1. Add Air-Fryer 7L, 9L, 13L

3 models to choose from

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