Caravan Camper Trailer Solar, Battery, LPG, Water & Easy Touch Wireless Control

Caravan and Camper Trailer Solutions

Energy Conservation 
Users stay longer with more confidence


Bluetooth Lithium Battery 125ahr


Bluetooth or Wifi Lithium Batteries in Operating Mode
All on Smartphone App

Bluetooth or Wifi Lithium Batteries can be put into Storage Mode at 40-60% SOC to prolong service life if required.


Simarine Battery Monitor

1-6 sets

Any Type of battery. Simarine Pico displays with choice of large or medium capacity shunts.Three different types of Battery Monitoring Alarm are stadard: State of Charge, Time to Go and Battery Voltage.
 All on One Gorilla Glass screen.

Temperature Monitoring


Using simple in expensive temperature sensors: Fridge/ Freezer, shock absorber, boot, hot water temperature monitoring.  All on One Gorilla Glass screen.



Triple Insulated Solar.
Interfaces directly to Redarc BMS and any other MPPT Solar controller.
Reads Panel Voltage and Solar charge current if required.

Redarc BMS Integration

1 system

Reads DC to DC, Solar Current flows, Solar Panel Voltage, AC Battery charger current flow and voltage.
All on One Gorilla Glass screen.

LPG Bottle capacity

1-4 bottles

Reads LPG bottle(s) capacity in kgs and shows % full.
Low level LPG Alert/ Alarm.
All on One Gorilla Glass screen.

AC Power in

1 x 240V outlet

Monitors the kW power coming in from site power or generator.
Site power outage Alarm if required.
Generator has fully charged batteries alert if required.

Add Smartphone App for Monitoring


Battery, tanks, LPG, AC Power and Level all on a Smartphone display.
Program settings saved on Smartphone.
OTA (Over the Air) Upgrade of software.

Remote Monitoring

Internet Connection required

Monitor your batteries, solar even LPG from anywhere in the world.

Water Conservation
Water can be more valuable than fuel

Water Tank , Waste Water, Black Water Monitoring

Simarine tank level monitoring

1-14 tanks

Simarine Pico display with choice of sensors for a range of tanks. All on One Gorilla Glass screen.

Accurate water tank measurement with compact level transmitter can give +/- 2% accuracy.

Water usage control

1-4 outlets

Water flow measurement has set points based on tank level. The water pump is turned off when the setpoint is reached.




Easy Touch Control
Effortless control from any position


12V devices like pumps, outlets

Easy touch control

4 devices /module, 1-50 modules


LED Lighting dimmable

Easy touch control

4 devices /module, 1-50 modules


LED lighting with RBGW for colour control

Easy touch control

1 device/ module, 1-50 modules


12V Motor control of awnings, slide-outs

Easy touch control



Add Wireless Control of any device above



Add Smartphone control of any device above



Ignition Integration

1-4 vehicles


Fast and secure for added comfort.

Under Awning Camera


12V IP68 Camera

Door or window open /close/ alarm sensor



Caravan Level for camp site

Simarine level monitoring pitch and roll inclinometer


Monitoring or Pitch and Roll with Inclinometer
Display on Smartphone App











SIMARINE is a complete monitoring system for batteries, current flows, tanks, temperature, pitch and roll angles, and environment. It is made up of a PICO display and input gathering modules and shunts.

The PICO offers you a complete monitoring system for your 12/24 volt battery. With many connectivity options and ease of use, this device provides you with a simple overview of all important details regarding your battery (voltage, current, amp hours, battery capacity in%, battery temperature) and also regarding tank levels and temperatures. Equipped with a 3.5" LCD TFT screen, high-resolution IPS technology with high brightness, optimal color reproduction, wide viewing angles and a virtually indestructible Gorilla glass with anti-reflection coating, the PICO Blue is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Thanks to special capacitive CapSense® touch buttons, you can easily operate your PICO even with wet fingers. You can also monitor individual loads (refrigerators) or generators (wind generator) via a 4-fold measuring shunt.

Maximum monitoring capability: 6 x battery banks with "Real-Time Battery Health ™" (monitors current, voltage and temperature), 6 x battery voltages, 14 tank levels or voltage sensors, 14 environment levels like CO2 or cabin pressure, 10 temperatures, 24 individual currents, one inclinometer sensor with pitch and roll readings.

PICO’s display unit is made of a sleek anodized aluminum casing and a thick Gorilla® Glass with Anti-Reflective coating protecting the optically bonded high-contrast 3.5 inch IPS LCD display. It’s water and dust proof and can be mounted both indoors and outdoors. The screen brightness is automatically adjusted with a light sensor. The device is operated by four water tolerant CapSense® touch buttons.

The system guides users to maximize independence without loss of convenience. Users develop a good understanding the “time to go” for battery, LPG and water.

  • When energy and water are limited, users are conscious of over-consuming. This can add inconvenience to a well deserved holiday.

Easy Touch Switch control system uses both a wired and wireless network.

The wired connection is an easy link to the Smart I/O board. This board has fused 10A power connections to operate pumps and other 12v devices. It also operates LED lighting including dimming.

The wireless network layers over the top as an option. It does most of the work. It doesn’t need the internet to function. Installed on this network are economical energy and water flow devices plus the switches to operate them. Every time an LED light is turned on, the power used is automatically stored. Likewise with water flow. Devices like water pumps, slide-outs or lighting are all controlled by secure wireless. The security of the network is well protected. It operates in an Australian Govt approved 900Mhz spectrum equipped with encryption and anti-jamming. Each controller is also a repeater, strengthening the “mesh” Network.

Complex energy and water usage is translated into “time to go”. Users know if they have enough energy (battery, LPG) and water for the camping period.

Automate RV uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do this. It calculates the “run rate” over periods tailored for the user.

Automate RV turns a battery voltage gauge or water tank level meter into a wireless, finger-tip or even voice control system. Its easy to participate in sustainability when systems are “ fun to use”.