Keypad suitable for external applications:

  • Robust bolted into place with 2 moulded M5 bolts
  • Custom labelled with words (icons not possible)
  • Can be modes, on/off, or for dimming lights
  • Does not consume any "Inputs" in the Safiery digital switching
  • CANbus 2 wire plus 12V power to the Deutsch plug moulded into rear of switch. 

Used for Caravan Automation

  • Press a designated button, then 4 buttons are used for user defined PIN code to activate keypad
  • Press one button to enter "Arrive Mode" (Air suspension with electric operated airbag control and Safiery inclinometer is required)
  • When Arrive Mode is pressed after Jockey wheel/stand in position: Air bags automatically level van based on inclinometer (pitch first, roll second), stairs go out, pressurizer turns off, If night time then an additional sequence of night mode lights go on. Night mode is determined by Solar Charging and PV. Sensitivity is set on display in watts.

Press One button for "Depart" Mode

  • Depart Mode does reverse function. When Depart Mode is pressed after van connected to vehicle: Air bags automatically level van based on inclinometer (pitch first, roll second), stairs go in, pressurizer turns on, All lights turned off.

Press one Button for "user Defined" but we suggest Night Mode

  • Night Mode can be: Outside amber light goes on, inside amber light goes on, other lights and devices can be activated. On Display all the modes are visible as are individual outputs. The lights are dimmable if they dim on the positive wire.

Other Modes Suggested

Lights Auto Mode

  • This lets the lights auto turn on from a low level and progressively brighten. The trigger is the solar watts level. The user can select which lights cam on and off with this function and the dimming level.

Fans Auto mode

  • Fans can come on and off with temperature set in the cabin automatically.

Composting Toilet Automation for Safety

  • This auto turns the composting toilet and runs the heater at the same time for an elevated temperature inside. The temperature inside is read by an externally mounted Puck (IP 67) and heater stays on until desired thermophilic temperature is reached. The motorized stirrer turns on for one minute while heating. There is a touch button near the toilet that activates the stirrer when pressed (after use) for 1 minute. The current required by the stirrer gives an indication of how full the toilet may be.



SKU KEY0867001
Barcode # 3K208-2RC3AG
Brand Safiery

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