This is all the components that go into the Lifestyle Pack without the furniture, prep , wiring.

  • Wiring Diagram, Commissioning included with order. 
  • Weight: approx 120kgs

Typical Energy Analysis. This is a guide, we do specific analysis for each customer.


5,000W Inverter Charger

  • This high powered unit is slected as it can provide power to a plugged in caravan AND charge the 600Ah Lithium in the case AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Plug site power into the 15A inlet in the case and then plug the caravan into the 15A outlet in the case.
  • No need to change AC current load inputs on inverters in the van
  • 100% smooth cutover should site power be disconnected from vehicle, van will cntinue as if nothing happened.
  • Charges at a rate of 3,500W ( 300A in 12V equivalent) so will charge the on board Lithium in 2 hours from 10% to 100%
  • 5 year warranty

600Ah CANbus Lithium Batteries

  • This is 3 x 200Ah (12V equivalent size) Lithium batteries
  • CANbus so battery details are visible on line with temperature, alerts and health and 16 other parameters 
  • High end pouch lithium - not a compilation of cells
  • 5 year warranty
  • 21kg each
  • Master Isolator for all batteries

Scotty charging up to 3,000W

  • With the 250A Alternator fitted, Scotty will extract up to 3,000W
  • Digital high frequency planar transformer, 96% efficient
  • Output circuit protected (can drop a spanner accross the outputs nd it just stops, lift spanner, it restarts
  • Uses less than 80mA in standby
  • Bi-directional so passes power from 48V Lithium to 12V accessories when engine not operating
  • Supplies up to 250A at 12V which when combined with 250A Alternator provides up to 500A for winch
  • No need to have a second 12V battery in engine bay
  • 5 year warranty

240V Power

  • RCBO protected 15A power inlet in case. Plug lead in and drop through rubber seal on rear door. Should close.
  • RCBO Double Pole 2 x 10A GPO for cooking and other devices in rear of LC.
  • RCBO protected 1 x 15A GPO for caravan input lead from van.

Solar Power

  • Choice of 150/35 Smart Solar for 2 x 250W Portable Solar (Portable solar additional price) of 100/20 Smart Solar
  • Double Pole Australian compliant solar breakers for high voltage solar input
  • Andersen input

12V Power

  • Up to 3 switched 12V Anderson outputs. Custom engraved labels
  • Up to 250A available: Double compressor is 60-100A depending on brand
  • Smart Battery Protect included to protect 12V circuits
  • 5 year warranty

USB / Phone Charging

  • 2 x 2.4A USB - suitable for tablets as well as smartphones
  • 1 x Type C for Smartphones at 15W
  • 1 x Quick charge - tablets at 15W

4G and GPS Connectivity

  • Dedicated 4G connection keeps system up online when internet available
  • Dedicated 4G Antenna with Band 28 specially for Australian outback with Telstra
  • Dedicated GPS included in Antenna. Reports position AND tracks.
  • Safiery Gold Online Support additional price (approx $1/day)
  • 5 year warranty

Touch Screen Gorilla Glass 5 inch

  • Shows power flow between connected devices including Scotty
  • Touch to turn inverter/charger on/off
  • Can show optional tank levels for long range fuel/ or water
  • 5 year warranty


SKU LC2004860008
Brand Safiery Package

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