tracking and alerts for caravans in remote areas

Tracking and Alerts are done with the Remote Monitoring Module

This is available in either 2 models: select either 2 or 4 inputs which come with same number of outputs.

Easy to add alarm and GPS tracking with messages to your phone by SMS and location with Google maps.

Read our "Easy to Setup and Use GPS tracking" Article here.

Notification system gives you:

  • SMS message when one of the SIMARINE output relays is activated.

  • SMS message when another critical alert like intruder from an alarm system
    is activated

  • SMS message when a critical alert like bilge level is activated


Remote control system gives you:

  • Ability to "turn on" or activate 2 or 4 outputs

  • Example is remote door unlock if fitted on boat or caravan.

  • Example is remote "kill switch" on a motorhome.


Optional upgrade to 4G

  • Select the 4G upgrade and get improved performance

Default network selection is Telstra.

  • Vodaphone or Optus can be nominated.

  • Once nominated THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED without purchasing a new device.

Theft Alert and Location tracking using GPS

Notificaton and control:

  • Built into Safiery remote

  • No programming, just send commands 

Easy to add on location tracking and theft alert

  • Select the GPS add on

  • Select the waterproof GPS and GSM Antenna

  • Notification for location movement set at 25m radius.

SIM Card Selection


  • Add an inexpensive machine 2 machine (M2M) SIM.

  • Prices start at around $2 per SIM per month. Typically less than $3.

  • This SIM can only be used for Monitoring and not available to be used for regular phone use. That is why it is so low in price.

  • The Application package is sent to you at time of order. 

Video on Alarms and Remote Monitoring and remote Notification:

SCREENSHOT of Remote Monitoring Display on Phone:

caravan boat remote monitoring with gps