About Us

Safiery Pty Ltd is an Australian company with a mission to bring the easiest controls to RV and Marine users for comfort and lifestyle using the Internet of Things (IOT).

Our Vision is to apply technology to reduce hassles for customers when camping or boating by using voice commands to hear status of devices. When systems are performing well for the end user:

  • The “technology is transparent”.
  • Notifications are just user configurable alerts.
  • Alerts (and alarms) are SET on ONE device.
  • Notifications can appear on a smartphone or wearable device.
  • Screen displays and controls are only what the user requires for convenience, not for necessity.
  • Commands for lighting and comfort are easily issued by voice.

Our technology integrates with:

  • Energy storage like Lithium Batteries and LPG containers with wifi interfaces
  • Energy controllers like solar controllers.
  • IOT compliant devices.
  • SIMARINE products for advanced control, battery monitoring, tank monitoring and temperature monitoring.
  • Google assistant and Google Voice.
  • Alexa.
  • Siri.
  • All controlled by a Smartphone

Safiery provides 2 year SAFIERY LITHIUM battery warranty, 3 year SIMARINE Manufacturers Warranty and 5 year Safiery Care Plan for customers.

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Call (07) 3040 9560

Email sales@safiery.com 

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We have deep experience in monitoring systems for both caravans, 4WD's and marine applications. 

Bruce Loxton is our Principal Consultant

He has 15 years experience with Honeywell in sensors and systems. He was instrumental in developing open sourced networks in the communications monitoring industry. 

Bruce has 7 years experience with ABB in Zurich with automation and power distribution systems. He was instrumental in Industrial IT projects for ABB.

We have owned Riviera and Quintrex Boats; plus several off-road caravans and camper trailers: Kimberley Kampers, Kimberley Karavan, and Kimberley Kruiser (E Class, S Class and T Class).