Our Purpose

We are Technologists with Insight.
Our Insight changes the Functional into the Unforgettable.

When you team up with Safiery, you get an agile, relentless team that’s moving faster than the pace of change in mobile power for RV’s, 4WD’s and Marine. You get a collective of technologists, focused on raising the bar on what’s possible – and what matters. More importantly, you’ll work with our "customer advocates" who are committed to converting energy in its many forms into an enjoyable mobile lifestyle. Our insight changes the functional into the unforgettable.


Our Vision

"Safiery re-thinks the mobile lifestyle with high efficiency appliances and clean power in the smallest possible space to exceed customer expectations."

Our Story

Our Chief Technology Officer's career has spanned two of the biggest names in energy, power and control for over 22 years: ABB and Honeywell. Whilst overseas for 12 years, he built a network of relationships with global executives. Most of these executives are leaders of our global suppliers. Our CTO has also had one to one meetings with luminaries: Elon Musk, George Lucas, Ratan Tata (Land Rover), Donald Rumsfelt and many others. Innovation has its roots in a wide and varied career with global experience. Safiery recruits people with the ability to absorb new technology quickly and contribute with their own experience to manage customer projects.

Our Chief Design Officer has a double degree and in depth software experience in 3D modelling and design.

We have patents filed with a wide range of applications.

We are heading in the direction of electrification and voice control for the easiest automation

Exceeding Expectations

Safiery was established to solve a very real user problem: ensuring there are adequate power and energy resources while enjoying camping, boating or in a special vehicle. We do this by ensuring there is surplus energy replenishment using solar and/or high efficiency alternators.


Simplicity is at the very heart of our systems design. Minimizing the number of products in a system and automation is core. We strive to achieve simplicity as the ultimate sophistication. 

Our Partners

To achieve these goals, we wrap our application specific designs with sensors, switches and software around proven trusted global brands. These suppliers provide proven core technology with 5 year warranty that minimizes support issues and lets Safiery take it to the next level.

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