About Us

New Year in a New Office named Battlestar Safiery

We start the New Year in a brand new 2,000m2 facility that everyone loves.

We named it Battlestar: Safiery is an underdog with the most efficient power conversion battling the old dark forces of poor efficiency and poor connectivity in major Australian brands.

We invest in technology of the future, not bound by legacy systems of the past. We like to sell direct to the consumer or OEM, not through wide distribution with ill informed middle men selling their hearts out.

Battlestar Safiery is 2000m2 in the Arundel Business Park Galaxy, 45/8 Distribution Court, Arundel 4214, QLD 

Open to Earthlings from 8.30am to 4pm.

Our Melbourne Centre of Excellence

Call (03) 7036 1790 or (07) 210 22 55 3 and select option 5

Safiery's Insight Fills Technology Gaps

We understand that harnessing the maximum power from solar, or from an engine's alternator, is the secret to energy independence. However, each energy source, as well as the required battery storage, operate at different voltages with different charge and discharge efficiencies. We work to optimize all that in an easy way for customers to use.

Renewable Technology of the future requires:

  1. Maximum System Efficiency, and Reliability!
  2. Guidance for users on exactly how much sustainable energy is available.
  3. Grid connected or Micro-grid stability; with asynchronous renewable power sources Australia.

Safiery's business is around these three goals with products comprising PCB's (Printed Circuit Boards) and software (embedded and compiled) wrapped together with global power conversion brands. 

We are "Technologists that turn the Functional into the Unforgettable".

Maximum System Efficiency and Reliability

  • Superior Solar performance on RV and Marine using proprietary DC DC for solar. This allows for mixed panel sizes and technologies to give maximum yield in a defined space.
  • Scotty extracting maximum alternator power without a significant increase in fuel consumption. Scotty is bi-directional, CAN controlled and simplifies multiple voltage solutions. Scotty II has patent pending around optimisation using complex mathematical models of the power source.
  • Using Lithium batteries with super-smart BMS: Safiery advanced the use of CANbus BMS in both 12V and 48V lithium batteries. CANbus BMS lets the Lithium battery set the charging and discharging profile.
  • Reliability requires experience with design as very small changes can produce a significant dissappointment in reliability for customers. Safiery has over 300 48V systems online with monitoring. This real world feedback gives high confidence with our designs.
  • Safiery maximize the use of CANbus communication which simplifies wiring and minimizes number of components. However, our 48V Lithium has modified firmware, unique to Safiery, for off-road/ off-grid applications. We have installed over 1,000 48V lithium batteries and there is a significant difference in the choice of CANbus alerts and alarms that can stop/pause standard firmware.
  • Our large scale 2 & 3 Port DC DC's transfer power from Solar, High Voltage Battery, Flow Battery to a high voltage DC bus. Applications are flow batteries, High Power EV Charging and V2G/V2L/V2B. Coupled to this is the CAN based optimization controllers that are a parallel to the patent pending Scotty II using complex mathematical models of the power source(s).
  • Large power DC DC for flow battery energy storage charge and discharge at up to 1500V DC. Our innovative design places just one power conversion process between solar or wind charging and HVDC discharging.

Visualizing Sustainable Energy Use

  • Safiery Integrated Display - a mini SCADA  (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) for RV and Marine that pulls together digital switching, energy flows, IP cameras and other technology into a portable tablet. 
  • Safiery StarshipTM is a simplified SCADA for RV's maximising wireless switching and wireless monitoring to minimize installation cost for RV manufacturers.

Micro-grid Stability with Virtual Synchronous Machines

  • We are now working on one of the biggest problems facing solar energy deployment 24/7 in Australia as Fossil Fuel generators decommission: Grid Inertia and Power Quality. This problem can be solved with Virtual Synchronous Machines. We hope for a solution that democratises Australian Renewable Energy supply from 10,000+ homes. 

How we serve Customers

  • Safiery Package Solutions and ship both Australia wide and globally.
  • Safiery do vehicle fit outs in Arundel.
  • Safiery design and work with OEM/installers for Marine fit outs.
  • Safiery design power packs for specialist vehicle/ truck OEMs for high power applications.
  • Safiery design and ship large scale commercial and micro-grid energy systems and flow battery DC DC Australia wide.

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

  • We love ART. Employees focus on the beauty of their work as well as the practical side.
  • This drives our obseession with how a solution looks.
  • Safiery "package" solutions with a goal: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.
  • The result is that people say "Wow!".

Agile Framework

  • Our business is structured on an Agile framework. Projects are mapped and retained with compliance documentation on an Agile Storyboard in the cloud.
  • Our project leaders are supported by a Scrum Master, specialized in Project Management/ Logistics.

Our Partners

We wrap our noble products and application specific designs with proven trusted global brands.

  • Victron Energy - global leader in power conversion below 15kW off grid
  • Murata Power - global leader in power conversion componets for EV's, 5G, Telecom

Our Licences

  • Safiery holds a Queensland Electrical Contractors Licence : 88612 expiry Sept 2023
  • Safiery holds CEC Approval as a direct importer and distributor of Lithium batteries.
  • Safiery's Electrical team hold CEC accredited Solar PV, Inverter and Battery install licences.

Our Leadership

Our competency comes from two of the biggest names in energy, power and control: ABB and Honeywell. With a career spanning 22 years with these companies including 12 years overseas, our Chief Technology Officer built a network of relationships with global executives. Most of these executives are leaders of our global suppliers. Safiery recruits people with the ability to absorb new technology quickly and contribute with their own experience to manage customer projects.

Bruce Loxton holds a B.E. (Hons) from University of Queensland, is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Engineers since 1984, a Member of IEEE since 1995 and the registered PCBU for Safiery's Licences. Bruce is also an Alumni of Harvard University, University of Southern California and NYU Stern.

Fiona Hou, our Chief Design Officer has a degree in Communications Engineering and holds a Masters from Edith Cowan University in WA. Fiona has in depth software experience in 3D modelling and design.

Safiery is a member of the Clean Energy Council (Australia) and IEEE Australia.

We have 370+ Videos on Youtube.

(07) 210 22 55 3 sales@safiery.com 45/8 Distribution Court, Arundel 4214 QLD from January 14th 2023