Our Purpose

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“Travel the world, without consuming the Earth"


“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.” –Woodrow Wilson


Customer Focus

Safiery was established to solve a very real customer problem: conserving resources while camping/boating or in a Special Vehicle. Battery energy, LPG and water are consumed depending on choices made by users. Renewable solar energy or high efficiency DC generators can replenish battery capacity. LPG and water replenishment may be difficult. 

Guiding customers to understand their choices for sustainability without inconvenience is at our core. Our belief is that having an “automated and fun” system maximises user participation and learning. 


At Safiery, simplicity is at the very heart of our product offering. We simplify automation and monitoring of complex energy and water usage and translate it into an easy “time to go”. User intervention is minimal. User participation is enhanced with easy-to-use wireless switching technology. We strive to achieve simplicity as the ultimate sophistication.

Doing the Impossible

Safiery has a desire to do the impossible with a big global impact. Safiery’s depth of application knowhow, machine 2 machine software deployment and sensor technology enables clever automation of energy and water. The hard part is to get user participation. Making systems automated and“ fun to use” maximises engagement.
Creating “transparent silent power” to only hear the twinkling of stars, or not distubing the environment in a Special Vehicle is the noble and ambitious goal we have set.

People engagement is the greatest impediment to sustainable use of resources across the planet.


To achieve these goals requires automation, acquisition of data and efficient energy storage. Safiery has created or sourced intelligent products that support the 12/24/48V domain with Battery, LPG and Water as principal resources. Safiery's solutions do not require the internet. 

Safiery has developed 9 patents that underpin our technology:

  • Accurate LPG tank level using ultrasonic and rear earth magnets
  • Wireless Multi-controller High Current Input-Output boards for Recreational and Special Vehicle applications
  • Axle Load Monitoring for Gross Vehicle Weight 
  • Time to Go Monitoring and Notification with LPG
  • Time to Go Monitoring and Notification with Water resources
  • Electronic automatic Window Tint control based on irradiation/temperature
  • RV Service Interval assessment based on distance, temperature and vibtration

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Safiery technology integrates with:

  • Renewable Energy Photovoltaic Solar Power

  • High Efficiency DC Generators (Alternators)

  • Energy storage using Lithium Batteries

  • Energy Storage Monitoring of LPG containers with our own wireless interface.

  • Energy controllers like solar controllers.

  • Secure wireless mesh lighting control, pump control, slide-outs, blinds

  • Outdoor and Indoor cameras: Outdoor with special magnetic fittings, indoor concealed

  • Wi-Ti wireless Vehicle/Caravan or Trailer interface

  • IOT compliant devices.

  • SIMARINE products for advanced control, battery monitoring, tank monitoring and temperature monitoring.

  • Google assistant and Google Voice, Alexa, Siri.

  • All controlled by a Smartphone

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Bruce Loxton is our Principal Consultant

He has an honours degree in mathematical modelling of enviromental parameters in building control. 

He has 15 years experience with Honeywell in sensors and systems. He was instrumental in developing open sourced networks in the communications monitoring industry. 

Bruce has 7 years experience with ABB in Zurich with automation and power distribution systems. He was instrumental in Industrial IT projects for ABB.

Bruce has 14 years experience in caravan design: specializing in low drag co-efficient designs, environmentally sustainable technology and perfecting waterless toilets for RV's. He created the Kimberley Karavan and Kimberley Kruiser products.

We have practical experience in monitoring systems for both caravans, 4WD's and marine applications having owned Riviera and Quintrex Boats; plus several off-road caravans and camper trailers: Kimberley Kampers, Kimberley Karavan, and Kimberley Kruiser (E Class, S Class and T Class).

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